I don't know since when, but lately I've been loving handmade and niche beauty items. Most of the ones I've tried is handmade soap but I also been using my DIY coffee scrub and lip scrub for a while now. When I went to GoGirl! Passion Expo last month I saw this booth that sells solid perfumes. They also sell scrubs and something like bath bombs but I'm interested in this product. Most of the time solid perfumes are housed in a tin and you need to dip your fingers to get the product. While this one is in a stick so I think it's much easier because I just can swipe it wherever I want directly. 

The company called De'Fules and it's quiet new in the industry. It's an Indonesian local brand and as far as I know until now they only sell three products. Their products are nicely packaged and I'm not going to lie, the packaging was the number one thing that pulls me to their booth. I like this kind of illustration.. it feels "raw", you know what I mean?

This perfume's packaging looks so much like a lipstick. The outside part is a very thick carton and it feels sturdy. I don't know how it'll behave if it accidentally splashed with water.. I think it'll survive as long as it's not drown.
The illustration of this Buzz Night scent reminds me of snowy night. So appropriate for the upcoming Christmas, right? Can't wait for Christmas! *where's my Christmas tree?!*
De'Fules have 5 kind of scents and all of them have equally adorable illustrations

I'm really bad at describing scents and I can't find the notes of Buzz Night on De'Fules' instagram so I'll just say that this smells elegant. It's not fruity, it's not floral.. Maybe it's musky? I totally have no idea lol. But the smell is really nice and unique, not something I can easily find in the supermarket. It also doesn't smell like anything in my perfume collection. If you happen to find De'Fules booth somewhere, I beg you to stop and smell it. It's amazing! It's something you can wear day or night. Elegant enough for the night but not heavy at all for the day. The sillage is very weak, though. I once wear it heavily and my boyfriend asked me why didn't I wear perfume that day.. I can smell the scent if I purposely smell my wrist, but if not, I can't smell the beautiful scent at all.
The size of all De'Fules stick solid perfumes is the same as Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks. Just a little bit taller and tiny tiny bit bigger in diameter. Each solid perfume weighed 6 grams.

The product inside looks like lip balm. My sister almost use it as a lip balm lol. But if I'm completely have no idea what this is, I'd think it's a lip balm too :D 
While it looks like lip balm, the consistency of the stick is far from lip balm. Lip balms tend to melt when it hits the skin while this perfume is way harder. It's a good thing for me. It means that it'll last longer than if it melts easily. At first it was a little bit tugging on the skin but after it receives warmth from the skin, it glides easily.
The stick is not perfectly smooth like lipsticks. It has some dents and cracks but I think those are the things that makes this feels more handmade and I, strangely, like it.
One thing that needs improvement on the packaging department is the twisty part. To get the product out, you know, just like lipsticks, you need to twist the packaging. That part feels so draggy so I need more effort to get it out.

Overall, I love this product. I hope they improve the quality of their products. I'd definitely buy the other perfume sticks when I have the chance.

Product info: 
Name: De'Fules Buzz Night Stick Solid Perfume
Packaging: Lipstick-like
Price: Rp89.000 on De'Fules Instagram
Volume: 6 gr



  1. Kalo dikeluarinnya susah, dimasukinnya lagi susah ga mami? Tapi sayang ya ga tahan lama. Boooo~

    1. samaaa dimasukinnya juga seret lagi.. iya sayang ga tahan lama, tp emang rata2 parfum di gw ga tahan lama sih sari.. jangan2 yg ngaco badan gw lagi

  2. hi.. how if im interested to order this product in bulk ? who to contact ?
    Im frm Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Eyza Hastings
    Mobile : whatsaap +60193517070

    1. hi eyza, you can find their contact info on their instagram. but i think they're not active anymore :(