Holiday season is getting closer and it's time to celebrate! I know Christmas is still more than a month away but I'm excited already hehehe. In this post I'll share with you my beauty set picks from Sephora US that I think are really nice year-round gift for every makeup lovers. I hope Sephora Indonesia have these sets.. because I'm looking for a gift (or two) for myself :P
Bite Beauty - Best Bite Rewind, $25.00
A gift-ready set of four, deluxe-size Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayons in a purse-sized holiday tin.
I personally highly recommend this set. Haven't tried them myself but 4 Bite Beauty deluxe-size lip crayons for $25? Count me in. I bought Bite Beauty's 2013 lip gloss set and I love them! I'm not a huge lip gloss girl but damn, gurl, their glosses are great (and sweet! ..accidentally licked it off my lips, not voluntarily licked the wand) so I assume their lip crayons would be as great. Also this set has nice array of colors from nude to purple that can cover any look you're going for. 

 Bésame Cosmetics - Lipstick & Matchbook Set, $23.00
A set of five rich, highly pigment lipsticks housed in a portable matchbook, plus a full-size lipstick with a satin, matte finish that delivers full coverage in one coat. 
How can you resist this? The classic oriental look definitely reminds me of the 20s era.. My grandma's era and the kind of makeup she would wear when she's young. Not only the packaging, the color of the lipstick itself is also festive and holiday appropriate. The red shade will complete your Christmas Eve dinner look. Psst, look at that matchbook! I think it's a very original idea. Inside you'll find 5 matchsticks that are actually little lipsticks so you can just bring the slim matchbook in your clutch and do your lipstick touch up with the stick!

CLINIQUE - Whole Lotta Chubby, $25.00
A giftable set of chubby sticks for eyes, cheeks, and lips. 
Chubby pencils for every essential part of your face! If you don't fancy the hassle of doing makeup, this pencils will really make your day easier. No brush needed to apply these chubbies. Just use your fingers to blend, done. In this set you'll get 3 lip pencils (intensity of color varies), a pencil for the eyes, and a cream blush. Five products for $25? That's mere $5 for one!

Too Faced - Le Grand Palais, $58.00
An exclusive, full-face collection 18 eye shadows, two blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, a deluxe Better Than Sex mascara, a deluxe Melted Lipstick, and a deluxe Shadow Insurance.
Look how pretty the packaging is! lol yes this one attracts me because of the pretty box and all. But looking at the content, I think this palette is actually really nice. You can do many looks with just this one palette because it's quiet complete. Choices of blushes, many shadows, a highlighter, a bronzer.. All over face palette with a packaging like that, oh, what a perfect gift for girly girls out there!

Too Faced - Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks, $36.00
A complete set with three bestselling and long-wearing Melted Lipsticks and three long-wear Love Flush Blushes. 
I'm a blush and lipstick lover so it's no surprise that I pick this set haha. This set is a perfect set for those who just started makeup. When I jumped into the wild world of beauty, one thing that captured my heart was lipstick and then I started to love blush too. I wasn't really creative about color combination so I wanted my lipstick and blush to be the same color. This set is an excellent solution for that. But actually, this set is just perfect for everybody, not just beginners. For $36 you get 3 sets of lipstick and blush and I think it's really good value. You can even separate the sets and give it to 3 different people! You're welcome. ;)



  1. Aku mau donk! Yg bite beuaty, itu $25 sepaket apa 1 pin?

    1. sepaket pebiii yoi banget kann.. gw lg galau mau yg bite apa yg clinique

  2. udah lama gak ke mari. gue order juga tarte set ini, bisa sekaligus nyoba melted lip dan sweet cheeksnya. belum punya either one.

    i would love the bite beauty set, but i have let's see, 6 occ lip tar, 6 colour pop and 2 mac lipsticks on the way already. *jedokin jidat ke dinding*
    nanti kalo dirimu ada yg gak suka bite setnya, tawarin akyu ya...mungkin kita bisa barter lol.

  3. Cute set! Bikin mupeng deh vina, hahaha. Nice blog, dear. :D

  4. ci vina itu 2 set too faced nya inceran aku dr dulu u.u

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