Thanks to Female Daily and PAC Martha Tilaar, I got a chance to meet a makeup artist from Australia, Merton Muaremi. *Intermezzo: he did makeup for Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl OMGOMG* 
To be honest, until the second I received the dinner invitation, I have no idea who is Merton Muaremi. I googled him after I read the invitation and got curious, so I said yes to Kak Manda :D :D 
The event was held at Kitchenette Senayan City. I met Ochel, Endi, and Mas Ilham (from PAC) once I arrived. Whoa, I wanna met Endi for the longest time and I'm so happy I can see Ochel's cute hair in real life! Not long after that, Merton and PAC team arrives and we all chatted quiet a bit. The venue got a bit too loud music so I can't speak directly to Merton too much but Endi happily transfers what I said to Merton hahaha. 
Anyway, this was held on October 22nd.. It's now November 17th. Almost a month ago. Duh how bad could I be lol

The newly-launched PAC Urban Techno palette

Merton said he loves the champagne-colored eye shadow (top row, far right) for highlighting 

My food for the night. I believe it's Penne Arrabiata. It's nicely spicy and has generous amount of meat. 

Ordered melon something but the thing that came was totally not that lol it must be apple something. But I didn't ask the waiter to change it, tho. This one is super refreshing. 

Merton and Mas Ilham 

Group photo oh yeah

I don't meet international makeup artist everyday so I need to take picture with him lolol. The outfit is from HERE. Click for full details on the outfit. :)



  1. cute palette!


  2. yeay! so happy to read your latest post!. Had so much fun reading this article of yours sweetie! ♥

    New style post on the blog sweetie!

  3. haduuuh serunyaaa...
    aku juga mau.eh kita belum pernah ketemuu
    semoga kalau ada event apa kita bisa ketemu deh


  4. that pallete looks so cute and nice to work with.
    the food loogs so amazing, I need some rightnow haha
    great blog girl, its very nice

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl