Beside shoes, I also love glasses and sunglasses. I love quirky and trendy sunglasses, the ones my mom doesn't understand hahaha. I don't wear them often but I like to buy them. I don't have too much, though, because every time I wanna buy new glasses I'd automatically think of my glasses at home, sitting doing nothing and rarely used lol. I buy cute glasses purely just for my happiness because I don't really wear them. While sunglasses are more usable for me because I can wear them when I'm driving or when I'm travelling. Although I have to admit I don't always use sunglasses when I'm driving. I only use them when I feel the sun's too bright. Eh, and if you like to take selfie and too lazy to put eye makeup, you can just pop your sunglasses on and you're selfie-ready :D :D 

Newest member of the family. Bought them just a few days ago at Topman Kota Kasablanka because they're on sale. Originally they were also for my brother but apparently my brother's head size is way above average so these are a bit too small for him. I guess it means they're mine lol. They're on sale for under IDR150,000.

If you know Alexander Wang cat eye sunglasses on his early days, you must recognize this pair immediately. These are not Wang's, Wang's are too expensive for me. I bought these from a fellow Female Daily member for IDR60,000.

I might not look like one but I'm a Hello Kitty fan. So when these kitty glasses were available on Gowigasa, I bought them right away. And if you can tell, there's no lenses on the glasses which means they're perfect for photo shoots because there'll be no light flashing back from the lens :p 

..I also bought the soft pink one hehehe

Simple big black sunglasses can do no wrong, and this pair looks super cool too! Bought these from Gowigasa for around IDR120,000 but I might be wrong.. The quality is very nice, the frame feels sturdy and thick. 

I have another one with leopard frame too! Hahaha. Gowigasa sent me wrong sunglasses twice when I ordered the black glasses above, so they gave me this one as an apologize gift. 

These ones are from Cheap Monday. I think the items from Cheap Monday aren't cheap.. I wonder why they named the company 'cheap' when the items are not cheap. Well whatever. I bought the sunglasses from Urban Outfitters when they're having a sale. These are $10, but I bought them through local online shop so I have to pay IDR150,000 which I think is still affordable for Cheap Monday.

These are Ray-ban Clubmaster knockoff. I bought them a long long time ago.. More than 4 years ago I think. Bought them from a little shop around South Jakarta area. I forgot the name of the store as well as the price hehe. Blame Robert Pattinson for wearing this particular style and looking super handsome.

Freebie from Gogirl! Magazine a few years ago. They scream holiday so much! A lil bit too small for my face but I think it's not a big problem :D 

I saw too many bloggers who wear round sunglasses and I thought I need one too lol. Bought this one from a facebook shop which I already forgot the name.. They cost more or less IDR60,000. I feel like the bridge of these sunglasses is very wide so it doesn't emphasize my big nose hahaha.

Bought these glasses because I think they resemble Harry Potter's glasses hehehe I love love love Harry Potter series, both the book and the movie. I love Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton FTW!) the most :D who's your fave Harry Potter character? Anyway I bought the glasses from Kelontong Sihir.. Totally forgot the price. 

A present from my uni girls! They know my sunglasses style so well eh? Hahaha I almost bought these myself when I saw them but I didn't because they're just so quirky (in a good way) and I'm not sure if I can ever use them in real life.. And they bought them for my birthday pressie! Wohooo!! You can't really see with the smiley layer down. These glasses are a bit heavy so I don't use them when I'm driving too because I can't be bothered to fix my sunglasses once every 10mins when I'm driving. Although these don't have many functions, I still love them hehehe

Last pair! Bought them at the super famous weekend market, Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. They're very cheap, more or less IDR30,000. But the quality is not that great too. The frame feels flimsy. They look like my Cheap Monday sunglasses above. I bought these just because I forgot to bring my sunglasses to the market while it was scorching hot that day. 

So yeah I think that's all of my glasses and sunglasses.. And looking at my glasses storage, I still have a room or two for another pair hehe I'm eyeing on this pair and this pair from Zalora

Which one is your favorite? Do you have particular sunglasses style that you like? Do share! :D 



  1. Yg hello kitty warna soft pink lucuuuuu banget <3


  2. Koleksi kacamatanyaa banyaakk.. yg kitty pink lucu banget.. ♥

  3. I've only recently have become interested in owning more sunglasses and at the right time too it's almost summer. I like simpler, larger, black sunglasses. I've always been a fan of classics. My favorite here are the 1st and 5th ones!


  4. Wow.... amazing collection!!!!
    Baci bellissima!!!

  5. lovely
    all suit you !
    i prefer the 1er one and usually love big sunglass!

  6. Gosh! such a cool collection of glasses!

  7. Sayang banget yang agak "normal" & "lucu-lucu" begini ga temenan sama idung gw. :') Jadi harus cukup puas sama yang normal-normal aja.

  8. love the leopard framed sunnies! looks so stylist!

  9. wow great sunglasses

  10. Love the cat eye sunglasses the most on you!