Last week (June 21st), Vanela, the personality/modelling school I attended held an event at Central Park Mall. I was assigned as a model hehe. I walked together with a girl that acts as my daughter because dress I was wearing was a mom-and-daughter kinda outfit. She's a shy girl if I can say so myself, I just met her that day lol. Instant mom and daughter pair. I was a bit scared for the walk. Not because there were a lot of people there but because my "daughter" is so shy and walks really slowly (I don't know if it's because she's shy in front of a lot of people or because she's just a little girl so she walks normally in that pace). I'm afraid once she sees her real mother she'll run away from me ahahahaha! Despite the fact that I look at her a lot when I walk, I can say my first catwalk experience is very enjoyable :D

Hello daughter!! *dia ga mau foto sama guweeeeh T_T*

The clothes above are all by Soure. There are also clothes by Coconut Island, Qbysy, Little Dhy, and Rashberry. Beside assigned as model for Soure, I was also assigned as fashion stylist for Coconut Island. I was assigned because Kak Wendy (Vanela's teacher) knows that I wanna be a stylist and I need experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity, Ko Wen, if you're reading this!!

It's very tiring but I really enjoy working for events like this (as crew, as stylist, as anything lol) and can't wait for the next events!



  1. cute banget fashion show nya ^^ the dress looks chic on you too!


  2. lovely

  3. aaahhhh senang sekali bisa catwalk bersama anak muuu :)

    you both are cute! i love your look...

    1. anak baru nemu pas paginya tj, hahaha xD

  4. whoa.. how does it feel like to be in a fashion show as a model? that's so cool!

  5. hey ada gue disitu. aku eksis. YES!