Tinted moisturizers are something new for me. I've heard about tinted moisturizers since I was in junior high but never tried any of them. So when Urban Decay have this huge discount on HauteLook and left this tinted moisturizer under $10, I decided to order it (trough Female Daily's Market Plaza, of course).

The moisturizer came in a purple box with the shade name on top of the box. The print inside the box is very pretty. It reminds me of fresh leaves in a forest with rays of sunshine.

The tube contains 50ml of product which I think quiet a lot. I didn't read the full description on the site so I thought it will be the size of foundations, which usually around 30ml. The tube is sealed, so it's nice to know that the product inside is safe and secured.

I bought the shade Bodyguard. I think I'm NC20-NC25 on MAC but that might be wrong haha but I guess I'm around that range. Christine of Temptalia said that Bodyguard will fit NC25 so I bought this particular shade. I feel the shade is a bit too dark for me. My face looks darker whenever I use this. I guess it'll fit NC30 better.

I have oily skin and this moisturizer doesn't make my face oilier. It doesn't help to hold my sebum too tho. It doesn't break me out but I can't say too much about this because my skin is not acne-prone. Coverage wise, I'd say it has none. After a while, I realized that this is TINTED moisturizer after all, not foundation nor bb cream, so it tints (is it the word? tints? so not common, eh?) and gives glow (nice glow, not greasy glow) to the face. This will be perfect for those who just start to play around with makeup or those who have nice skin and doesn't need coverage. With SPF20, I think this moisturizer is very practical because it means I don't need to use another sunscreen because my activity is mostly indoors.
Just for a little note: it dries down quickly so you need to spread the product a lil bit fast.

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer is available on Debenhams UK (£20, International) and Bestie Beauty (Rp160.000, Indonesia).



  1. Udah lama pengen nyobain produknya urban decay!
    apalagi naked pallette yang gak kesampaian! :'DD

    Salam kenal ya! suka deh ama post2 OOTDnya! XD

    i followed you in GFC, Fol me back? ;)

    and my IG @tiffani_cencen

  2. thanks dear for reviewing this and also giving the online shopping link for Indonesian readers :)

    I'd love to try this tinted moisturizer!

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  3. keliatannya bagus ya, pengen nyobain foundie UD, tapi harganya lumayan -_-


  4. I've never tried a tinted mosturiser but it's dissapointing how it doesn't have any coverage at all. I always though tinted mostiurisers had light coverage >_<


  5. kayaknya produknya oke deh, aku juga oily ah jadi pengen