I've been eyeing on Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers since forever. Many beauty bloggers and vloggers swear by this lacquers so, I, as self-proclaimed lipstick hoarder, feel the need to try them too. The main problem here is how can I get them? Indonesia doesn't have Rimmel counter and it's hard to find online shops that opens UK pre-order (the lacquers were only available in the UK at that time). So I cry in despair. No, just kidding. I just simply forget about them and then suddenly they're available in the US!! US pre-orders are easier to find and I already have some fave online shops so I bought two of them. I got two because there was a buy one get one free promotion somewhere on wallgreens or drugstore.com or somewhere i totally forgot. I chose the shade Luna and Celestial. 

The US version of Rimmel Apocalips are called Rimmel Show Off. I don't know why they changed the name. I think Apocalips sound better but yeah whatever, still the same thing. The packaging feels nice and sturdy, not cheap plastic-y material. 

One thing that may bother some of you is the lacquers is not sealed. But you can tell if the ones you got is new or not by looking at the gap between the container and the wand. You see there's a clean gap on my Luna? That means the lacquer is new. When you pull out the wand for the first time, the gap will be filled with product so it's not clear anymore (please refer to Celestial). 

The wand is a little bit different with the usual doe-foot applicator. It has a little 'well' that holds up some product there. It's nice because I don't need to double dip as the product on the wand is enough to cover my whole lips. 

Celestial and Luna
The consistency is nice. It's not too thick and it's not sticky. The pigmentation is insane. I believe even the lightest shade can cover pigmented lips. But being insanely pigmented doesn't mean that it will last long. These lacquers stay about 3-4 hours on me with a little bit of drink. They don't leave stain at all, but maybe because mine are light shades? I think bolder shade like Big Bang or Apocaliptic would leave some pigment behind. Both Celestial and Luna does not have shimmer or glitter. 
For the finish: freshly applied, they look very wet. After a few minutes they will lose most of the shine but still too shiny for my liking. I prefer my lips matte so I blot them with tissue. 

These lip lacquers are scented. The scent reminds me of apples. Not fresh apples but the ones that have been sliced and left in open air and the apples get brown.. I know this sounds silly lol I don't know the right term for that :p
I think the scent is not nice but my sis thinks it's nice. 

Rimmel Show Off lip lacquers are available on most of American drugstores.



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