DAY 1 - July 19th

View from the train's window
Another view.. 
Some flowers at the receptionist desk.. I stayed at Grand Tryas Hotel, by the way.
The bed! Sleep!

Should take a photo before the sun sets. 
Looking for batik clothes.. 
Tourist kinda photo. In front of Keraton Kasepuhan, Cirebon.

I love crystals!

Empal gentong

DAY 2 - July 20th

Hotel's breakfast. Chicken porridge. VERY DELICIOUS!

Hi doggyyy!

I don't know how old this Fanta and I don't wanna know

DAY 3 - July 21st

In front of our little cottage. It's Hotel Duta Wisata Guci. Very humid at night time. I don't really like it. 
The view from me and my sister's room in the cottage

They say it's rujak but it's more interesting than rujaks I've tasted before.

Nasi Lengko. I really like this nyuuuum :9 This was my last meal before we head back to Jakarta. This restaurant called Warung Makan Pian, located very near to Tegal's train station.