I don't know is there anything wrong with my shoulder or what but all thin metal strap bags can't stay on my shoulder for more than 30 seconds. The strap always slips so most of the time I just carry that kind of bag as clutch. Or if possible I use it as cross-body bag. Is it just me or you guys have the same problem too? Please tell me I'm not alone. ;) 

Details: Mango blazer, Zara skirt and pumps, Vintage purse, New Look tank top, Unbranded owl ring, ASOS triple plain band rings
Photographed by Vani Sagita



  1. Hey I have the same problem too! Well, not 30 seconds, but it just doesn't stay put. I'm so happy I'm not the only one. x3

  2. love your whole accessories and the clutch ❤
    matches perfectly with your outfit !

  3. mungkin bahu lu miring kali mi?
    btw, kok g berasa muka lu galak ya? Ga unyon-unyon. :D

  4. Hahahha yes you are not the only one. It slips so many time but not that fast (30seconds)