MAC Immortal Flower on the left (or bottom, however you see it) and theBalm Frat Boy on the right (or top, however you see it)
Currently I'm kinda attracted to makeups especially blushers and lipsticks. To be honest it's because lipstick and blush are decorative things I can use lol. I'm not pro in makeup at all. So the things I've been collecting these past months are blushes and lipsticks. In this post I'll talk about my go-to blushes. 
I gravitate towards peach or pinky peach blushes. I don't know why. I like the colour on the pan, I like it on my cheeks, and I feel like I wanna buy them all but it can be too repetitive if I buy them all so I buy some other colours too.

The first one is by MAC and it's called Immortal Flower. I believe it's a limited edition blush. I didn't get it on the counter. I bought it from fellow FD-er. She said she used it about 3 times and sold it for about $25. This is the priciest blush I ever bought. I know $25 is the retail price in the US back in the time the blush was available on the counter. But in Indonesia, MAC blushes retails for about $33 so I think $25 is not super bad for lightly used blush. It looks milky orange on the pan but magically it shows different colour on the skin. As you can see in the picture above, it's sheer peach colour. Actually it's very sheer when I first received the blush so I scrape the top of it and it becomes more vibrant (but still sheer). Because of the sheerness I don't have to be afraid that it'll make me look clownish. I really like how the blush compliments my skin colour very well. My friends once thought it was my natural cheek colour hahaha. 

The second one is by The Balm. This blush called Frat Boy. Indonesians are not very familiar with this brand yet because there aren't many The Balm counter here but thanks to Female Daily forum and Youtube, I'm able to know this brand. I bought this blush through a fellow FD-er too! I bought it for about $16. 
The colour is redder and more pigmented if compared to Immortal Flower but it's still very wearable. I only need a few swipe of this blush and blend it a bit to have it show up on my cheeks. I have to be a bit careful with this one because of the "more pigmented" factor. The package says that you can use this blush as a shadow (eye shadow) too but I never tried it. I can't use eye shadows so just let it be a blush for me.  
Oh I forgot to tell you something, this blush is incredibly big. It's 8.5 gram of blush here in the pan. The MAC one contains 6 gram of product. I don't know how to use this up lol. Seriously. I only need a bit of this and yet it contains so much product. Well actually I don't know how to use up any of the makeup I own :p

PS: because I'm currently into makeups, there might be some makeup posts coming soon. ;)