Just a little update of my life. I'm currently working as a (junior) programmer in one of Indonesia's big retail company. I actually don't really like my job because, you know, working as a programmer needs a lot of brain work and I don't like using my brain lol. 
Maybe some of you think, why do you work as a programmer if you don't like it? Well, it's because I studied programming in uni. Which leads to another question, why did you choose to learn programming in uni if you don't like it? Because honestly I didn't know that information technology will be this complicated! I still didn't know what's my passion (even until now) so I took random major for my uni :p hahaha.
But for now I'm quiet happy with my job. I hope someday I'll find my passion and will be able to work in that industry. :) 
Anyway, the photo above was taken a few days ago when I was on the way to the office. I was wearing Gowigasa sunglasses and New Look shirt. I believe the glasses are still available on Gowigasa's website, so if you're interested to have one, you can buy them immediately before they're sold out!