New rings! Don't you think they're pretty? ;) 
I got them mainly because The Persian Babe on YouTube did an ASOS haul and when she showed these rings, I'm completely hooked up! Hahaha. 
I think these rings are very pretty and edgy at the same time. They could give a hint of edgy-ness to an outfit. I really like them but I haven't got a chance to wear them. Gonna wear them soon! The good thing about these rings is they're adjustable. My fingers are fat not skinny so I have a hard time finding rings with right size. With open back like these, I could easily adjust them so they can fit my fingers. Yay to adjustable rings. :D 
You wanna know the best part? These rings are on sale!! Only the rose gold ones, though. Actually that's why I bought them right away :p Originally I want the gold ones but they aren't on sale so I just go with the rose gold ones hehe..