A few weeks ago, someone from Solusimu contacted me and offered me to try their product. Basically it's a sheet of paper that you use to cover the surface where you sit on the toilet. The purpose is of course to reduce the amount of germs that can be transferred to your body when you sit on the toilet because you know, toilet is definitely not the cleanest place to sit.

Personally I'm not someone who care too much about this issue. As long as the seat looks clean, I'll sit in peace. But I know 'looks clean' doesn't mean that it's really clean. I really should try to change my habit about sitting on the toilet without cleaning it first. I think Solusimu can help me because actually it's simple and easy. You just need to take one sheet with you, disconnect the joints on the paper, put it on the toilet seat, and you can sit in peace. After you finish you business there, you just need to flush the paper away. The paper will dissolve easily with water. 

For those who are very concerned about toilet hygiene, you should try Solusimu. This little thing can help to make your life easier. ;)