a few months ago i saw similar shoes like this one at Topshop. exact model as this one, the only difference was they were made from suede-like material. i thought that i'll wait until Topshop discounted them then i'll buy them. turns out that a lot of people like the shoes and they were sold out in no time. i was like, aaaaah, too bad!!
and then a few weeks ago i saw this one at Topshop again! this one was made from fake leather instead of suede. oh well, i bought them without waiting for any discounts anymore because i know that they will disappear quickly. when i bought them, the cashier asked me to 'like' Topshop Indonesia's facebook to get 10% discount! yay! so i got them with 10% discount when i didn't expect for any discounts. hehe. happy!!
eh by the way this pair is my fave shoes of the moment. :D