brightspot market

i'm sure all of you know what Brightspot Market is. for me, it's like coachella festival but this one isn't music festival, it's more fashion and lifestyle oriented. so i went there with my sister, manda, and inez on friday. traffic jam everywhere!

there are lots of great brands there! but i don't really like to shop if the place is too crowded, and yes, the market is sooo crowded, a fashionable crowd i must say. i only bought cotton ink's mini boxy with collar there.

actually i planned to buy things from nikicio's booth but there were so many people there, so i don't buy anything. hehe.. i'm going to buy her collections trough the webstore soon.. :)
and oh, nikicio have super cute dress made from paper. yes paper! how cool is she, eh? i love this "re-fashion" dress but i really have no idea how i'll use this. so i have to erase my passion to buy it. hehe..



  1. hello vina! waaa kita beli barang yg sama hehe. really nice to know you vin :) btw i'm your new follower hihi.
    xoxo, Icha

  2. yes, I love the idea of paper dress too :) Did you come to bsm?

  3. did you come to bsm? aduhhh ngiri bgt dehhh byk yg k snaa. lg ga d sni sh gw:((
    thanks for your comment yah
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  4. thanks for sharing the info about bsm and nikicio.. the paper dress is unique and truly original.. i agree that upon seeing an outfit, one of the factors u shud consider before buying it is the versatility and how to work the piece out.. i'm glad you're wise enough and decided not to buy it base on impulse :)

  5. i saw those uber cool nikicio dresses !!