Super Weekend

I went to Pantai Indah Kapuk hospital because my uncle's finger was amputated. his finger was bitten by a dog. it's a long story, i'll not publish it here. i'm too sleepy to write the story. hehe. and then, from there, i went to Senayan City to try Coldstone because they're giving discount 50% with minimum purchase of IDR 100.000 for BCA creditcard holders. mine was IDR 35.000. i picked cheesecake fantasy. cheesecake ice cream, pie crumbs, blueberry, and strawberry. it was SUPER. love it. :D

white shirt - Dad's, belt - Mom's vintage, legging - ITC Cempaka Mas, Tartan Flats - Pull and Bear, Bangles - ITC Cempaka Mas

I went to Katedral Church, I'm not catholic but my friends are. i agree to accompany them to the church because after the eucharistic mass, we wanted to go Pasar Baru to find some vintage cloths or something cheap. but we didn't get anything that attractive to buy. but then we found that Bata (shoestore) was discounting their items. and i got a gold flat shoes only for IDR 40.000 (around US$ 4). and the we went to Grand Indonesia because we were really starving for accesories, lol. we bought some f21 accesories then. but regretfully, we didn't know that there was a sale on the other floor of f21. we had to be hurry so we didn't see those sale items. argh, i really need to go back there. ASAP.



  1. wow . i'm Catholic too . what film do you watch sist ?


  2. i'm not catholic dear, but i studied in catholic school since i was elementary school. hehe..
    film? aku ga nonton pas kemaren itu.. :)