The other bracelet

This is my another bracelet. I gave it a name, 'calm girl bracelet'. LOL. because the colors are very calm. very not representing me actually, but i love it.

And hell, i'm cursing my own carelessness. this bracelet, and the one before this one, are GONE! OMG, they even haven't a week old! they're gone when i went to Summarecon Mall Serpong. and i recognize they're lost when i got home at that night. lucky you, the founder of my bracelets. they're not sold everywhere in stores. LOL. hope y'all have new caring human, babies. *sniffing*



  1. so creative :))

    *hope we can be friend .

  2. heyhooo...
    thank u for visit!
    keep in touch!

  3. aww.. too bad that u lost them.. anyway, thank you for your lovely comment. itu sepatunya aku beli di facebook. user namenya baiq ayesha. :)

  4. cute.. bkin'a gmn nih?? bhn2'a apa aja??