Sushi day

beanie - cherry, shredded t-shirt - DIY, jeans - mangga dua, gladiator sandal - intermoda, bag - gogirl! bonus, pink tank - nevada

Today i went to Senayan City with my friends. we ate sushi a lot, until i thought i wanna throw up. LOL. after we ate those sushies, we look for a store called second best at Senayan Trade Center but we cannot found it because the address that the magz gave us was another store. confused, confused. haha. we found export residual bazaar, i found a MNG tee just for $3! yeii. :)
after we got tired, we try a cafe there called d'cafe. i HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND this cafe because the drinks weren't very good and the price is almost similiar to Starbucks. OMG. i was shocked when i see the pricelist. i will never go there again.

*and more: lots of mosquitos at their outdoor place. :(



  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I adore that white top you're wearing :)

  2. wah, t-shirtnya lucu . hehe i love sushi too .
    by the way, thanks for leaving a cute comment on my blog too . really nice that we can be friend .

  3. i lov rsushi too =) btw i love ur shirt!

  4. cute shirt:)
    WHAT? there was mosquitos? ewww.

    Hi there. Would u mind to link me? I'll link u back. Let's be friend♥

  5. thanks all for visiting my blog, it's an honor. and i love my shredded tee too. but i think i'm gonna make another one. hihi.

    *olla: yes, there were super lots of mosquitoes, untung pake celana panjang. :P

  6. Oh I love that DIY tshirt! Well done!

  7. Vinacute from Polyvore! I just noticed you had a blog! :D I just started mine up last week. Kamu comel sungguh ya... nice to put a face to a name. Love that shredded tee, how did you shred it? Rock chic indeed...!

  8. would you do the turitorial for your stunning DIY tshirt?

  9. *vorega: done!

    *Tineswari: oh you, floodoftears! do you speak bahasa too?

    *Tineswari & Onic: i'll make how to shred it kay? :)