I have some outfit photos that are not detailed enough to get the privilege of having their on post so I decided to combine them in a post. Not that I have many, though. I only have like less than 10 photos and not all of them are qualified to be posted lol. 

This photo was taken when I went to Sentul. Octa and me already planned to take outfit pictures so we kinda dressed up a bit. My sister was a bit confused because me and Octa looked so overdressed compared to the others lol. 
H&M kimono, New Look shirt, Cotton Ink pants, Converse shoes

Went to a riding school to accompany a friend. Too bad we arrived late so I can't ride the horse :( I don't think my outfit is appropriate enough for horse riding, though hahaha. I didn't know that we were going to a riding school lah. I thought I was just going to do some little things and suddenly he asked me to go along with him so yeaaaah..
Mango blazer, New Look tee, Promod jeans, Reebok shoes

Read the post about the musical drama I was involved in. Here's my outfit on the D-day. 
Cotton Ink pants, Converse shoes

This was my first time attending a big pageant and I was confused on what to wear. Little black dress can do no wrong so I went for the safest LBD in my closet haha
Zara dress, Zara pumps, Estoite clutch (oops covered by the invitation)



  1. suka sama baju yang kedua. tapi di foto terakhir, you look pretty and classy, Vinaaaa :))