So here's the post I've been mentioning in my last two posts. Anne Avantie's fashion show is on the last day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, I was there, so I can't miss the show! Thank you Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 for choosing me as one of official bloggers so I can easily ask for an invitation to fashion shows *sending kisses* 
For this collection, Anne Avantie gets the inspiration from Pasar Klewer that was caught on fire and burned a lot of batik there. That's why the color palette for the collection is black, brown, and red, to symbolize the market, ashes, and fire. If you see closely, some of the clothes are made from collaged burnt batik patches. How amazing is that. When you think all of the burnt batik is just waiting to be destroyed, Anne Avantie transforms them to a masterpiece. Mind. Blown.
The show itself was so breath-taking and makes the audience ask for more. Opened with a short clip of Pasar Klewer after the fire, continued with a dance and the fashion show began. The choreography is totally not boring, there were some sequences and those sequences have their own choreography. The music is traditional Javanese music that has been arranged so it sounds MEGA GRANDE NO KIDDING. I'm not a good writer and describer, so things I write maybe not appealing at all lol. But one thing I have to tell you, this is the best fashion show I've ever attended. Not that I've attended many but this is the best so far!!

Click this picture to reveal the big image and zoom in at the cape's detail. That's what I mean by collaged burnt batik patches.

Many burnt batik patchworks and it doesn't look cheap at all!! The power of Anne Avantie.

So this ends my Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 posts. See you on Indonesia Fashion Week 2016! *waves*



  1. aku suka fotonya, keren,
    ohya busana batiknya itu keren apa lagi yg bersayap haha