Two days ago I went to Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 and watched one and a half fashion show. One and a half? How could a show be a half? Because I'm late, haha. So I went there pretty late, around 7pm if I'm not mistaken. So I went in Lenny Agustin's show like halfway through hehe. The collection is very colorful and cheerful, the models are all dressed like Barbie. Super lovely. 

Straight after Lenny Agustin, I went to Algarry by Albert Yanuar show that was presented by Attack and a fashion show presented by Laurier that shows Kle, Rinda Salmun, and Sav Lavin new collections. 
Algarry's collection I believe is heavily influenced by classic Chinese porcelain with white and blue color palette. I worship this kind of print and the design itself is also clean enough to bring out the super beautiful print. 
Kle brings casual apparels with an eye-catching array of colors. I think Diana Rikasari would love this collection.
I want to apologize because I have no pics of Rinda Salmun's collection. All the pictures I took apparently is blurry or too dark. Urgh, I'm upset because I didn't check well enough. On the camera the photos I took look alright but they're actually not and I just realized that when I transfer the photos to my computer T_T but I wanna say that this collection of Rinda Salmun is amazing! I love love love the collection and I totally dig the styling of the clothes. Click this link to see some of the clothes.
The last one is Sav Lavin. It was the first time I heard the brand and I'm really curious how's the collection going to look like. Turns out the collection is out of this world!! It's futuristic and kinda reminds me of Star Wars. All of the clothes are in black, white and grey but afraid not, it's not boring AT ALL. All of the clothes are unique and have different structures than the clothes we usually see. I'm eyeing on a white jacket and slip-on shoes ;D

The last show finished at a little past 9pm and most of the booths at the IFW are closed so I didn't see many things. I managed to see a little bit of Steven Huang's booth because his booth is near the stage door so I can peek a little into his designs before I stepped into Algarry. Steven Huang is one of Mazda's Young Vibrant Designers. He showcased three different patterns for IFW and I like this one below the most. It looks like crumpled paper but the cutting of the apparels are simple and the fabric is a bit structured. The fabric makes the clothes look pulled together but the relaxed print makes them look more dynamic and urban. 

I also went to the last day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 so stay alerted because I'll be posting about that very soon. Hint: there will be photos of Pasar Klewer Riwajatmoe Kini fashion show by Indonesia's legendary Kebaya designer, Anne Avantie!