As I said in the previous post, here's the behind the scene photos :D 
To be honest there are still loads of pics I wanna upload but it'll be too much and repetitive lol so I just post some of my faves. This is my first "pro" photo shoot and all I can say is outdoor photo shoot is super fun although it's very tiring and we rely a lot to the sun. We need the sun to be bright but not too bright because too bright light will make harsh shadows and washes out the colors that the camera captured. 
On the photos it might look like the weather is nice and not too sunny while actually.. it was blazing hot lol. I don't sweat easily so I don't have much problem with my makeup and clothes. While the male model, well, he's the other way around lol. He sweat super easily. Most of his clothes are wet and we use loads and loads of tissue to wipe his sweat. Thank god it doesn't appear on the photos hahaha
Oh for the locations.. We took photos at some places. Finn's beach club, Campuhan ridge walk, Ubud monkey forest, Brown Feather hotel, and the famous Motel Mexicola. FYI Motel Mexicola charges 1,5 million rupiah for an hour shoot (or two? I think it's one. I forgot). So expensive, eh?? Ubud monkey forest charges around 250.000 rupiah (sorry I forgot again!! But it's around that price.. under 500.000 rupiah) for all day photo shoot. Much more make sense to me.. 
So anywayyyy, if there's anything you wanna ask, just leave a comment below or email/tweet me. I'll be happy to answer. 

Photos are captured by Ari Iskandar and Nita JS



  1. Gw baru tau loh, ternyata ada tempet-tempet yang bayar semahal itu buat potoshoot. Ternyata yang gratis itu emang semakin jarang ya. hiks.
    Btw, as itold you before, chemistrynya ada loooohhh~ :D

  2. BTS are the most exciting part of a photoshoot for me. :)

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