Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I won another contest at Clozette Daily hehehe so surprised because there were a lot of nice photos and outfits. Not the first winner, but I'm still very thankful. This is a super late post because I'm a lazy girl and the fact that my house doesn't have internet connection for the past few months makes me even more lazier :p
In the photo I wore Zara belt and heels, Mango blazer, Estoite perspex clutch, dress bought in Bali, and unbranded necklace.
Clozette Daily's front page
The prize :D

Anyways, my blog is now www.pinapina.net :D wanted to buy www.pinapina.com but apparently the company who own the domain think that pinapina.com is super nice or something and they sell it for $1495. So I guess I'll just be happy with pinapina.net hehe. Geez I'm rambling out of topic. Have a nice day everybody!