I know it's already October but hey, things I bought at September 30th should be counted as things I bought in September right? And then I need time to gather the items and take some pictures so I guess that explains why my September haul is posted in October :) 

So these are the items I bought in September. Some beauty bits and some fashion bobs. Actually I also bought this skirt (click the link, darling) in September but it's too big to be photographed in these pictures lol. 

There was a big sale on Luxola a few weeks ago and although recently they went local and lots of brands are not available, I still took a chance to get my hands on Bourjois CC Cream and Lime Crime Velvetines. I also bought Real Techniques Powder Brush from Luxola at another time.
There was a buy one get one promo at Guardian for Maybelline Magnum mascara. I can't pass sucha great offer so I bought two Maybelline Magnum mascara.  I've never tried this variant before but I know Maybelline have the best mascaras out there and I've never feel disappointed with Maybelline mascaras before.  I only took one for the photo because I've used the other one hehe. 

The Dior pearl earrings are a big hit nowadays so I bought some of the Chinese version of them lol. I actually don't wear earrings often but I'm curious so I bought some Dior-inspired earrings from Mangga Dua haha. They're IDR50k per pair (Dior's is around $400 per pair *die*) so they won't broke your bank account.  

The last ones are the things I bought at the most recent Brightspot Market. I bought a necklace and a bracelet from Klar. I've been eyeing on their collection since months ago, I want all pieces from their collection but I know that would be a waste of money because I don't use jewelry that often. So when I saw them at the Brightspot market, I tried everything that catches my eyes and brought home things that I love the most. The necklace and bracelet that I bought are clear thus they will be very versatile. 

Temporary tattoo is trending right now and I'm really happy with that because I always adore chic tattoos but I have commitment issues (and I'm afraid of needles lol) so I don't see myself inking my skin in the near future. Temporary tattoo is totally the answer to my problem! I forgot what's the name of the vendor that sells this particular one but temporary tattoos are easy to get nowadays from Instagram stores. This one says "Magic is something you make" in case you're having difficulties in reading mirrored words. 

That's all I got in the month of September. What's your haul? Let me know, leave the link of your haul in the comment section, please :) 



  1. Love the earrings! So stylish!
    Very nice blog by the way :)

    Kisses from Russia,

  2. Pearl aring yg warna mint lucu banget warnanya. :3 Yg cc cream itu bagus ga mami?

    1. cc creamnya lumayan sarii, engga terlalu cover sih tp kl buat ratain redness yg ga parah2 amat masih bisa :D

  3. mauuu liaat pinaa pake limecrime velvetines nyaa... ditunggu ya FOTD nyaa hehee....

  4. Hi Pina, Septermber ultahnya? Kita lahirnya samaan kalau gitu.

  5. The quote on that temporary tattoo is just awesome. I might want to quote that too :P


  6. I really want the powder brush from Real Techniques :)