I can't believe I don't post anything here for more than 2 weeks. I didn't realize my laziness has reached that level. Sigh. I really need to put myself together and try to update this blog more often. 
I don't even know what I'm gonna post today lol. I guess I'll just let you know that I'm still alive and silently reading everyone's blog without leaving any comments. Eh if you're interested, I have an Instagram. I'm more active there, although not super active.. But at least I'm more active there than here lol. My Instagram username is @vinasagita. I actually wanted @pinapina so that I can have uniform username for blog, ig, and twitter. Too bad someone used @pinapina already and what makes me frustrated is she/he only posted one, I repeat, ONE photo on that account!! Shoot. Oh well, whatever. Follow me if you're interested hehe
I also more active on twitter. My twitter username, of course, is @pinapina. Actually just like Instagram, I'm not super active there lol. But I tweet more than I blog :P 
One social media I use the most is Path but I keep my Path private so I'm not gonna share it here ehehehe. 
Ok I don't know what else to write.. I'll just post some random things below. 


The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Puzzle Bobble on Android 

Oatmeal with milk.. Need to lose A LOT of weight. 

Clean&Clear Essentials Oil Control Toner, Clean&Clear Essentials Moisturizer 

Body Care 
Citra Light-Touch White Nutri-Serum Japanese Wakame. Smells nice and fresh and absorbs super quick. Very refreshing, just like water! You have to try it!

Hair Care 
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

Zara flat shoes. Hurts like shit but looks damn good so I got that going. 



  1. iya ih pinapina aja ig nya jugaaa..aku kebiasan manggilnya pinaa... hehe kesel ya pin, tuh username yg punya pinapina cuma upload 1 bijiiik , ga aktiiip lagi jangan jangan... :B

    1. jangan2 apaaaa~~
      haha iya kan bikin sebel tuuu, cuma upload 1 terus udah ga pernah dipake lagi.. mending buatku aja tu accountnya :(

  2. Baru baca LOTR? kemana saja dirimu pinaaaaaa? Eh, yang si citra ini ga bau nori gitu ya? G pengen bli tapi mundur gara2 baca dia nyebut-nyebut wakame.

    1. ga kemana2 kok hahhaa ga tau, dulu ga minat sama sekali baca LOTR. ini aja belinya udah dari bulan2 kemaren gara2 liat harga 1 set kok murah, terus bacanya baru beberapa hari ini :p
      citra ga bau nori kok. nori sama wakame beda.. ini wanginya seger2 yoi mantap gitu hahaha

  3. emang LOTRnya 1 set berapa? Gw juga lagi pengen beli LOTR nih. Hahahaa. Dulu gw bacanya setengah mati,berasa berat banget, skarang pengen nyoba baca ulang.
    Sama-sama rumput laot kan? Duh, jadi pengen nyushi~ :9

    1. lupa hahaha kayaknya 200an deh, tp under 250.. ini gw baca jg merasa berat banget. pusing tau bacanya sari. terlalu banyak ngejelasin2 pemandangan yg gw ga kebayang lol
      iya sih sama2 rumput laut, tp baunya ga kayak nori sama sekali. gile aja lu bau nori buat badan, bisa gila hahah