Are you someone who take notes regularly? I often forget things and I really need to write things down but I don't because I'm lazy. Sigh. Not good. So when India Circus offered me some things from their website, I immediately picked this cute notebook. I guess with a cute notebook I'll be able to defeat my laziness hehe. Maybe not many of you know that one of my favorite color is pink so it was an easy pick. I also picked this blank greeting cards because I think they will be handy when I need to say something in gifts. They're blank so I can use them for any occasion (well except funerals..)

If you haven't heard of India Circus before, it's basically an online shop based in India that sells many kind of things from cards to rugs, umbrellas to wall arts, almost every decorative things for your home and your creative lifestyle. Everything in the website has India touch to them, a bit colorful but still sophisticated and pulled together.

The notebook feels nice and sturdy but the plastic overlay (?) is a bit imperfect on the back side. Bad batch maybe? But aside from that, I enjoy this notebook. My sis likes it too. She's like, "Hey, what's that?? So cuteeee!!" 
Too bad this particular notebook is not available on the site anymore, but you can see some other designs that are equally pretty. This one with taxis on the cover looks cute, too! It kinda reminds me of Kate Spade.. 

The greeting card pack comes in two colors, lime-white and orange-pink. The inside is a blank white page that you can personalize yourselves. I'm gonna write greetings for every gift I wrap since now hehehe. The paper feels nice and thick, the print on the cards are also nice. The only downside of this greeting card is they don't come with envelopes. I like the lime-white combination a lot, not that I don't like the other one, I just like the lime-white one better :) Anyway, the orange-pink ones remind me of Caroline Robianto ;) 
Again, too bad this card pack is already not available on India Circus' website but YOU NEED TO SEE THIS ONE. Super pretty, don't you think?? 

*Disclaimer: I received these items as a gift that I picked myself. All opinions stated are honest and purely mine.




  1. notebooknya so cute !!
    suka pattern + warna greeting card nya..

    oya keberatan nggak kalau saling follow ?
    aku udah follow kamu

  2. cute

    Oya, yuk ikutan MARINA BDO ke Jepang sekarang juga

    khusus pembaca SRS Blog, untuk registrasi di dan akan ditrack langsung oleh Tim Marina :)

    Love, Marina beauty blogger Ollyvia

  3. This is so cute! I almost never take notes, but maybe if I got a notebook, It would inspire me to take more notes! :) xx

  4. Notebook is so cute! I'll check them out when I go back to uni in September!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  5. I take notes obsessively, so stationary is definitely a weakness of mine > < But honestly, I think if i had some greeting cards as pretty as that I'd hoard them away and never use them! lol {}