I thought Proenza Schouler's collection would be much more sophisticated than this!! I'm talking about the packaging, by the way. And actually I don't like the promotional poster above too. Too 90's. The whole ombre/gradation going here is really not my cup of tea. Not cute, not grand, not luxurious, not modern. I don't know.. Maybe the color. I think the dirty yellow color disgust me the most. Yeah I'm sure. But anywayyyy, the collection will launch on April 21st in the US and as far as my googling ability, it's already available for purchase in Germany, and here are the products (with some of my thoughts in pink ink hehe can't help it!)

MAC Proenza Schouler Lipstick $21 
The lipsticks will be housed in square packaging.. Like Burberry's! But hey, the price is really high, don't you think? The usual MAC limited edition lipstick collection is like $1 more expensive compared to permanent lipsticks but this one is $5 difference O_O
  1. Woodrose light pink with beige (lustre)
  2. Pinkfringe vivid flamingo pink (satin)
  3. Mangrove bright clean orange-red (matte)
  4. Primrose sheer berry plum (lustre)

MAC Proenza Schouler Pro Longwear Lip Pencil $21
  1. Dynamo bright peony
  2. High Energy bright orange-red cream

MAC Proenza Schouler Blush Ombre $30
  1. Sunset Beach cool pink ombre into beige
  2. Ocean City coral orange ombre into beige. Looks nice!! But I'm afraid this will look like something I already have in my collection.. We'll see.. If this collection is available at Indonesia's counter, then I'll get it. If not.. I'll just let it go. I won't pre-order this through online shops because of Rupiah's value to USD is too weak, it'll cost too much.

MAC Proenza Schouler Pro Longwear Eye Liner $21

  1. Black Ice rich black
  2. Rich Experience true brown

MAC Proenza Schouler Nail Lacquer $17.50
  1. Thimbleweed pale nude (cream). Pretty nude! But I think OPI must have something similar with cheaper price.. I'll just buy OPI. I don't really like the cap's color after all :p
  2. Bougainvillea bright orange coral (cream)
  3. Dayflower clean plum (cream)
  4. Nocturnelle black as night (cream)

 MAC Proenza Schouler 129 SE Powder/Blush Brush $38.50

So, what do you think about this collection? Tell me!

All photos and informations are from Musings Of A Muse



  1. Such a great collcetion! Thank you for sharing this! <333

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  2. mami~ beliin lustre lipstik!

  3. Hmmm, the packaging is really meeh. The products seem very good and interesting, but there's nothing appealing about it! The gradation really looks like it's from some so so brand e_e. But it looked good in the nail polish and lip pencil. It' quite expensive as well D: But well, it's MAC so I guess they have really good quality, haha.

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  4. This look so nice dear. Happy Easter! :)

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  5. Packagingnya bener kurang menarik..
    Ga elegant n kliatan kusem gt yah.. hahaha

  6. loving the Ocean City <3