Last December I went to South Korea and Japan with my family. Here's my photo dairy.

Bears with world's traditional costumes
Mimicking the happy bear :D
Photo taken from Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉), seeing the city below
Tteokbokki (떡볶이) yayayay!
Very yummy grilled chicken at Nami Island
Our pretty tour leader (Ms Ivonne) and super funny tour guide (Kevin)
Phoenix Park (휘닉스파크 스키장) ski resort
You know where is it, right? The famous Gyeongbok palace (경복궁)
Do I look like Korean? I know I'm not lol 
Seoul World Cup Stadium! 대한민국!

They say it's the most happiest place on the earth, Disneyland!
Asakusa Kanon Temple. Anyway that's my cousin and my sister.
Hello, Mount Fuji!
Big teddy bear in Rihga Royal Hotel.. I wanna bring him home!
Green tea soft ice cream around Kyomizu temple
Bought the pao just because it has spidey face hahaha the filling wasn't very good actually..
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming soon to Universal Studios Japan!

I went to Korea with KIA Tour and Travel. I enjoy the trip so much, although the hotels aren't the best hotels and some of the food taste bland for my tongue. The trip was enjoyable, the local guide (not Kevin from the photo above, he's the other group's guide) was witty and informative, the itinerary was good, the photographer was nice, the bus driver also drives safely. There's that one night that we got a small room (I was with my sister and cousin in one room) and we had a hard time to put and open our suitcases lol but the trip overall was very fun and lovely. My group's guide even taught us how to ski! We didn't have to pay for optional coach, how amazing hahaha ski is harder than I thought it'd be lol. I fell once, that's quiet good for first timer, no? :D
And for Japan, I used Av*a Tour and Travel (decided to censor the name so I won't get into trouble). I'm not gonna lie, the hotels and the food were top notch. We even stayed at JW Marriott where we can find more towels than we need haha. The other hotels are also nice although I never heard the names before. The food are awesome, mostly all you can eat type of restaurant and all of their dishes are cooked to perfection. Of course, that's what you expect from Japan. But honestly, I don't like the trip. I'm not trying to defame Av*a, but that's what I feel. The tour leader didn't give us much information about Japan, she mostly speak to tell the group what she's done to make the group happy which I don't think is necessary. I'll feel happy if she did her work nicely and she even didn't have to tell us. The tour guide is like kindergarten teacher. She told us don't do this, don't do that, walk faster, we can't go here and there because abcdefgwhateverblablabla. She walk super fast and leave the group behind when we need to walk somewhere that can't be reached directly by the bus. She also tells dirty jokes in the bus with the microphone on and I have to tell you there were teenagers in the bus! Not straight-forward dirty but I really think that was not necessary. We had a new guide for the last day because this local guide I don't like have to guide another group. The new guide was a bit old, but nice and funny. We call her Nomura-san. We gained more information about Japan more from her in like 3 hours than 5 days with the first local guide. Whoa this is becoming a rant post. I didn't mean to, it just happens. And it's kinda long.. Congrats for you who read until this far. :P Anyway I'm not trying to defame or making any damage to the tour's reputation. This is my pure thought with no intention of harming anybody. 
I believe you all have heard of this quote and I really think it's true. "People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."




  1. lovely pictures! all of the places look great :)


  2. Wow, amazing photos! <3
    I love your hair dear~

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    1. hi rinako :D
      thank you, i like the color too but it fades too fast :(

  3. aaaaaaaaaa keren kerennn,,teddy bear nya lucu banget viiiinnn..bapao spideynya juga..

    1. thank you putriii. iya teddy bearnya minta dibawa pulang semuaaa

  4. wow i been to korea but im dying to visit japan! sorry to hear bout the bad guide... i sometime prefer going my own! oh well.... visit mw back at cindysplanet.com giglove

    1. hi cindy, I also want to go on my own but this trip was with my mom so tour would be more convenient. thank you for visiting!

  5. Asiknya ke Korea Japan. Emang kalo ikut tour kayak untung2an dapet tour guidenya. Kalo yg disuru cepet2 gitu malesin banget. Dan emang namanya kebiasaan di indo kan slow motion trus jalan dikit liat yg lucu2 maunya foto2, kalo pake tour trs dpt guide yg buru2 jd gak pol rasanya. Hahahaha..

    1. iya mitch.. Jepang yg kata orang2 enak dan bagus malahan aku ga suka gara2 guidenya ga enak. selain itu aku mungkin salah waktu jg ke Jepangnya, soalnya rameeeee banget.

  6. Awwn, I went to Japan last year too and I simply loved it. It was just me and my backpack around the entire Japan and I absolutely loved it. So it's really sad that you couldn't enjoy your trip too much D: But don't worry, I'll take you there and guide you o/ Promise I won't make any dirty jokes xD

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. ahaha fernanda you're too nice! I hope someday we can travel together! :*

  7. Congrats to me to read to the last full-stop I guess? LOL
    I'm planning to visit Korea too this end of year.. Hopefully ours would be as fun as yours!!

    1. hahahaa congrats, Lenny! Hope you'll enjoy the trip!

  8. itu beruang no.2 dari atas! LUCU GELAAAAA ekspresinyaaa!!! Aku mauuu mamiii! Bawa pulang dong. T.T

    1. matanya kayak mata lu ya sari ahahaha kalo lu yang nyengir begitu gw rasa mirip banget deh :p
      ga usah bawa pulang, ayo kita ke korea!!

    Selama pertukaran pelajar disana, kayaknya duit abis buat itu doang. Hahahaha...

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


    1. ahaha tenang plum, tenang. ah gile pernah pertukaran pelajar kesana?? asik banget!!!! MAU JUGA DONG

  10. Envy >.<
    Enakx yg udah nginjak Korea dan Jepang ..
    Tapi sayang trip ke Jepangx kyk gtu, fufu

    Lain kali km jalan sndiri aja ke Jepangx ^_^


  11. Wah so nice. Tp guide dari korea selalu the best ya!

  12. I want that greentea ice cream, looks yummy! Envyyyyyyy <3