There's only one person I can blame for making me buy this blush, Essie Button. She has this power to persuade me to buy everything she likes. Essie once posted her fave red blush and this Josie Maran was one of them. Since I don't have red blush at all, I decided to buy this because I think it's different with all of my blushes. Blushes are my weakness, after all. But instead of blame, I should've thank Miss Button because of her recommendation. This blush is VERY NICE.
The packaging is very simple and sophisticated. The lid matches the blush so if you have some of this you can easily spot which one you need.

This blush is totally unique. It's like jelly (hence the name, duh) but it's not jiggly so it doesn't break when I push my finger in it. If you push too hard on one side, the other side will rise. Just like that jelly that you eat. But since it's not so jiggly, I think it's more like hard agar consistency. Ok I'm not going further about this product similarity with food. But it's cute and different, I like it very much. :D

The pigmentation is nice. It's pigmented but not too pigmented so you don't end up with too red cheeks. It looks like cream blush but feels more like stain than cream blush when I swatch it. I tried to use fingers to apply it but I think fingers are not my best friend because I can't blend it properly. Or maybe I just put too much, I don't know. So I use Real Technique's stippling brush. The jar opening is the same size as the brush's diameter so it's very easy to get the product to the brush. I find it really easy to blend, not patchy at all, and gives nice flush to the cheeks. 
It is infused with 50 percent-pure coconut water, it instantly hydrates while nourishing with the powerful benefits of vitamin E-rich argan oil. I don't feel the hydration on my cheeks but when I swatch this on the back of my hand, the part with this blush feels softer and smoother than the other part. Maybe with daily use my cheeks can get softer?
Staying power is crazy! I have oily skin, most blushes fade after 5 hours mark but this gelée stays for 12 hours++! If I don't need to clean my face I think it'll stay there, not going anywhere. This is the first beauty product that I will definitely repurchase. I'm thinking of getting the other colors too! 

I rarely have FOTD with the item I'm reviewing but I really love this product so I managed to take some snaps of me wearing it haha! I wore it thinly to look natural so it looks more pink than red. If I put too much I'd look like I just get slapped lol 

FOTD details:
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21
MUA Pro-Brow
Maybelline The falsies
NYX Blush #Taupe
Josie Maran Coconut Water Cheek Gelée #GetawayRed
Burberry Lip Cover #CameoPink

JOSIE MARAN Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée is available on Sephora ($22 for 5.1gram)



  1. Pinaaa, thanks for introducing me to Essie Button. Design blognya lucu banget *.*
    The blush color looks so natural when it's blended really well, I think I haven't seen a jelly blush like this before.


    1. iya lucu banget blognya dia baru dirombak jadi lebih warna-warni :D
      ati2 kalo baca reviewnya essie.. racun banget lol

  2. kalo gw yang make, mungkin bisa keliatan kayak digampar kali ya. lol

    1. bahahaha sari! ayok main sini cobain blush baru gw :D

  3. Wow those product seems so nice ♥ i love those color . Anyways im holding my first giveaway and inviting you to join it


  4. is it weird the first thing i thought was i lover this girls eyebrows haha

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    The Silver Doll

    1. omg hahaha this is new! no one ever tell me that they love my eyebrows lol but I think it's one of the good brows day, some days I can't draw very well :p

  5. It looks good!!!
    Kisses from Italy Hun!!!!

  6. cantikkkkk naturaaalll sukaaaaa :)
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  7. Cool! Di swatch merah banget ya shadenya, tapi begitu di bibir kamu jadi natural gitu ya, kece. Salam kenal ya Vina, mind to follback my gfc?

    1. itu pakenya di pipi rii hahaha bibir pake lipstik lain.. udah di follow yah blognya :D

  8. Wah... nampaknya aku harus coba nih yang ini... Bagus yah...

    1. iyah plum baguuuus aku suka banget hehe cobain deh

  9. wowwww merah banget pin, tapi kalo udah di blend jd natural.. tapi mehong juga ya ><

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    1. iyah mahal ih sebelll.. aku mau semua warna padahal :p
      thank you amel :D

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  11. looks really nice, thanks for sharing!

    xx fameliquorlove

  12. you look so pretty
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  13. I love this shade on my cheeks too. It perfect shade for you and looks beautiful on you:).

    Please visit my blog sometimes soon:). Looking forward to see you on my blog.

  14. Huaaa racun banget ini, anyway luv ur blog :D

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