If you can only bring 10 beauty products for your trip, what would you bring? I thought this would be easy and I can bring 3 lipsticks but when I gather the products I realized that I can't bring more than 1 lipstick. It was devastating lol. Anyway I got tagged by Cella on Instagram to show 10 things I'd bring on vacation and I posted this to my Insta too but I think I'm gonna post it here with a brief explanation ;)

1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 
I always forgot to use sunscreen and I know it's not good for my skin. This BB cream provides SPF42 PA+++ (I don't know what PA+++ means but it sounds like something protective which is nice) so it's really convenient. Besides the sunscreen factor, this BB cream also gives nice coverage so I don't need additional concealer. If there's something I want to cover more, I can just put more of the cream and pat it to blend. It has nice oil control too.

2. The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder
I have oily face so I need powder to set my base product (this case: BB cream). This powder has no coverage so I can dust it all over my face whenever I feel like I need to mattify my face.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm #Smoothing Cherry 
Dry lips is something I battle almost everyday. This lip balm helps to make my lips smooth and crack-free. It's not too oily so I can put lipstick on top of it immediately.

4. MAC Lipstick #Sunny Seoul 
My go-to lipstick. A safe color so it matches everything I wear. I mean if I'm going to wear pastel dress, a dark plum lipstick won't match, right?

5. ELF Eyebrow Kit #Medium 
To draw my almost non-existent brows. The colored wax lasts all day and keeps my brows in place.

6. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara 
I have short, stubby, facing downwards lashes and this mascara can hold the curl Shu curler gives me, and it gives volume and length. My lashes look naturally long and beautiful with The Falsies. But it's not like I'm wearing falsies.. Maybe a few coats needed to get the falsies effect but one coat is enough for natural look.

7. Mio Piccolo Blush #02 
It gives natural flush to my cheeks. It's pigmented so I don't need to apply layers of it. I once put too much and I have super pink cheeks lol it looks kinda ridiculous in real life but cute in photos!

8. Ecotools Retractable Brush 
I choose this brush because it's retractable so I don't have to worry about ruining the brush without protection in my cosmetic case. The hair is soft and I use it to apply my powder and blush since both of them don't have their own brush.

9. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler 
As I mentioned above, I have not so great lashes so I need to curl them first before applying mascara. I can't say this is the best curler I've ever tried because this is the only curler I have hehe

10. Acnes Oil Control Film
If my skin gets oily, I need to blot it first before using my powder. I only need one sheet of this paper to blot my face.

So that's all! If you're going to post your version of this 10 things, let me know! I'd love to see what others picks :D



  1. Loving your beauty haul for summer :) I would love to try the missha bb cream :) btw, found your blog on GIG and followed you now through gfc :) I hope you can drop by on my blog as well and i'm hoping that you can follow back ^_^
    GIGLove from http://switbbydoll.blogspot.com

  2. I definitely bring similar kind of things on my travel, but i pack surprisingly light (according to people) for a beauty blogger *LOL*. But i have long gave up on mascaras on my travels, i tend to spend a LOT of time on my eye lashes because i want to make them as va va voom as usual, and it's just not convenient on travels!

    1. I actually want to leave my lashes product home but since I can't draw eyeliner so I need to do my lashes hahaha thanks for visiting my blog, Mindy :)

  3. bagusan kertas minyak acnes atau clear n clear sih?

    1. gw sih merasa sama aja sari, beli yg diskon aja HAHA.. karena sama2 kertas yg kayak gitu kan. kl yg kertas banget kayak ovale tu baru berasa ga enak, boros banget.

  4. Entah mengapa I feel excited baca postinganmu ini hahaha. Soalnya tiap mau traveling aku selalu heboh pengen bawa semuanya yg ada di meja riasku. Aku juga mau post deh 10 products yang harus aku bawa buat traveling hahaha. Nanti aku mention kamu. Seruuu


    1. asik asik ada yg mau main jugaa hehe.. aku jg kalo mau pergi heboh mau bawa semua, apalagi lipstik! semua mau dibawaaaa

  5. Ikutan ahh :3 salam kenal yaaa

    1. horeee kalo udah dipost kabar2i yaa :D
      salam kenal jugaa

  6. Nice post! biasanya kalo lagi on vaction yg suka menuh2in make up bag aku itu burshes2 nya. Soalnya aku seneng banget pake eyeshadow, n rasanya lebih pol make kalo apply nya pake brushes :D

    1. ah iyaa, kalo pake eyeshadow mesti bawa brushes lagi banyak soalnya aplikator bawaannya biasanya ga enak ya.. untung aku belom biasa pake eyeshadow ehehe thanks for visiting! :)

  7. I think I bring the same products as you, but from different brands when Im traveling, The Perfec Cover is great for SPF, but I think it is to heavy D: So I use one with just SPF30. Oh, and PA+++ is another way to measure the covering of a sunscreen, there is PA+ PA++ and PA+++ :3

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. Yes missha perfect cover is a bit heavy but it makes my skin looks good in photos lol *how vain* *oh girls*

  8. Don't forget your skin care haha~
    Suka bingung kalau bawa buat travel, untung sekarang banyak beauty product yg travel set lebih praktis.
    Btw nice to know you.

    Im Piccha

    1. Wah kalo skin care digabung disini jg engga cukuppp cuma 10 hahaha. Skin care kayanya mesti ada 10 item lagi :p

  9. I love it! your blog is great!!
    great post dear!!! good job! thank you for sharing!
    I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know if you start, don`t worry I always follow back sweety!
    have a great day!!!
    xoxo from Spain

  10. I always like powder on vacation because it's so hot. I don't like to seal my skin when it's hot

    xxx Anna
    A Tale of Two Shoes

  11. Now you make me want to try that Missha BB Cream and that gorgeous MAC <3 Great post, btw!