Is it weird if I say I have holy grail product for my feet? Because I have hahaha. This foot scrub from The Body Shop is my holy grail foot scrub. If I ran out of it, I'll go to The Body Shop and buy this again even if it's not on sale. For me it's a big thing lol because I only buy things when they're on sale if I think the product isn't that necessary.

It has peppermint smell, of course, which makes your feet smell fresh. Not that I smell my feet but you know what I mean, don't you?

The texture of the scrub is kinda fun. The brand new surface is jelly like, I love to touch it xD it's like PYONGPYONGPYONG. I'm sorry that sounds childish but I'm not really good at describing things hehe. The scrub itself is quiet gentle, compared to some body scrubs out there that can scratch your skin with their sharp beads, but it's not too gentle that you can't feel it's not working.
I once ran out of this scrub and used body scrub to scrub my feet but I guess it didn't work and I get flaky dry hard rough skin around the toes. So I went to the store and bought this scrub again. After using this for a while, the flaky skin is not there anymore :D my calluses are not entirely gone by now but I think with daily use I can have smooth feet hehe

For Indonesian readers, Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub is Rp149.000 for 100ml and available for purchase on The Body Shop Indonesia's website and every The Body Shop stores.
For international readers, you can get the scrub easily at your local The Body Shop stores or their website for online shopping.



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  3. Recently I'm taking more care of my feet, so this review came right in time for me! I hope I can find it online.

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