Just opened a few months ago, I can see PAUL has already gained some fanatic fans. I heard the line to be seated here can reach up to 2 hours of waiting.
Me personally, have never heard this bakery named like one of my high school friend before until it opened a branch in my city. My friend who lived in Singapore for two years one year (wink to Vebbi) got super excited when she knew PAUL opened an outlet in Jakarta. She said PAUL's everything is very yummy. I got curious and finally a few days ago I went there. The place located on the outside part of Pacific Place's Galeries Lafayette. It wasn't too packed that day, no line needed to be seated but I didn't sit there because my friends have to go back to their offices as it's already passed the lunch time.

Eclair Framboise, Rp50.000,-
PAUL have a few selection of eclairs, I go for framboise because I think it's unique. Anyway I just googled and figured that framboise is French word for raspberry. You're welcome. 
It's really good! The pastry is not hard at all, even after 2 days in the refrigerator. The cream and custard combination is to die for. They're not too sweet and very smooth. The raspberry gives a hit of sourness and makes the pastry very fresh as a whole. Recommended for you who are not a fan of sweet dessert. 

Moelleux Chocolat, Rp45.000,-
At first I was a bit hesitant about this tart. It looks dry on top but the center of it looks moist. But I think, "hey, it's PAUL! It can't be that bad. If it's bad I'll accept that as a lesson." 
Turns out this tart is SUPER GOOD. For me it feels like a very high quality brownie haha. But seriously, if you like chocolate, try this. It's not dry at all. The center part is fudge-like, the outer part is not so fudge-y but still very moist. I can taste the dark chocolate intensely when I eat the tart. I will go back to PAUL to get this again.

PAUL Bakery and Patisserie 
Galeries Lafayatte
Pacific Place Mall
Sudirman Central Business District, South Jakarta




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