Although I said that eyebrow powder gives me confidence, I don't buy too much eyebrow products. In fact, I only have two eyebrow powders and one eyebrow pencil that I got from a beauty box that doesn't match my hair at all. This one is the one I use the most.
The packaging is not very fancy, just glossy black rectangle with silver fonts. It's nice and feels sturdy but I have to say that I hate the lid because it's totally loose. No hooks, no magnets, very easy to open. I can't bring this to travel unless I want to tie a rubber band around it so it won't open and mess around in my makeup pouch. I think rubber band is just too much hassle, better buy another eyebrow product haha (that's why I have two eyebrow powders, this one stays home, the other one running here and there with me in my bag).

This kit consists of 3 brow powder and one wax. The website says that you can use the palest shade to highlight but I think the palest shade is not pale enough to highlight anything. But you can use the palest shade for your eyebrows too, tho, if it matches your hair. I mix two powders on the first row for my eyebrows.  

It comes with a huge mirror that's really convenient if you wanna do touch-ups, a tweezer, and a dual-ended angled brush. Sorry the tweezer and the brush is not in the picture because I forgot where I put the tweezer and the brush looks super filthy. The tweezer is quiet nice, but it's a lil bit hard so you need to put some force to pluck your eyebrow. The brush is nice, it's stiff enough so I can draw my brows easily. And because it's dual-ended, I use one side to apply the wax and the other side to apply the powder.

The powders are not super pigmented so I don't have difficulties on having too dark brows. Anyway MUA only have this kit in this shade, no choices. If you have black hair and prefers dark grey as your eyebrow color, this kit is not a good choice. But if you have dark brown to light brown or even blonde hair, this kit can accommodate your need :)

MUA Brow Kit is available on MUA's website (£3.50, International)



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  2. Nice review, if my brows were still brown I think this shade would fit my color very well. But now that I dyed my hair orange, I'm not sure how to fill my brows e_e.

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