I guess by now almost all of you guys have heard about this mask. The mask that have won many awards and raved everywhere, GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment and Supermud Clearing Treatment. It's quiet expensive for a mask, but thank God my sister got invited to GLAMGLOW's boutique opening in Plaza Indonesia and she asked me to accompany her and the PR of the company that carries GLAMGLOW was kind enough to give me some samples. Yeay :D
Let's jump to the review. 

Right after application. Youthmud on the left, Supermud on the right.
First I applied Supermud on right part of my face and then I applied Youthmud on the left part. Supermud dries up really fast, it looks like that after I finished applying Youthmud. Youthmud feels grittier than Supermud, I guess it's the exfoliating part. They both have minty scent but I say Youthmud smells fresher (with green tea scent) while Supermud is a bit muddy but still fresh. I have to tell you that Youthmud tingles. Not a lil tingle, it's more like almost-burning tingle. It's not burning but the tingle is definitely there and you can feel it. Don't say I didn't tell ya. Those of you who have sensitive skin, try it on little spot first ok. The tingle disappears after more or less 10 minutes tho. 

10 mins after application 
This is how it looks after 10 minutes waiting. The mask gets tight but not as tight as the other mud mask (*cough*aztecmask*cough*). See my T-zone on the Supermud part? The color looks different than the other part right? It's because the mud absorbs impurities and no doubt my T-zone is the most problematic part of my skin. 
After 10 minutes I washed my face just with tap water. I splashed a good amount of water to my face and rub both of the masks in circular motion to exfoliate my skin. Supermud doesn't require rubbing anything but I rub it too just to clean the mask. 

The fun part! The result! As you can see up there, before and after photo of my pores. You can see that my pores are reduced on both sides. I can feel some whiteheads when I touch my nose. I believe if I use pore pack right away I'll have them all stick to the pack. Too bad I ran out of pore packs that day. Sigh. 
And below you can see my dull skin gets brighter and looks healthier after the use. 

Conclusion: both masks did a very great job. They obviously live up to the hype. They perform more or less the same on my skin. The difference between the two are just the scent and the exfoliating beads. Both leave my skin smooth, soft, bright, and my pores reduced. 

GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment and Supermud Clearing Treatment are available on Sephora here and here ($69, (almost) International). 
For Indonesia, GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment and Supermud Clearing Treatment are available at GLAMGLOW boutique (Plaza Indonesia) and Beauty Box (Mall Kota Kasablanka, Mall Grand Indonesia, Mall Kelapa Gading I, Summarecon Mall Serpong I, Kalibata City, and Trans Studio Mall Makassar). Both retails for Rp780.000 each.
PS: The prices above are for full size jar (50gr for Youthmud, 34gr for Supermud)  



  1. Waaaaaa.. bener-bener keliatan yah ngecilin porinya. dan kayanya ngecilin isi dompet juga haha. nice review sis

  2. great review.. a bit pricey tapi pengen cobain mask nya :D

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  3. @Anisa Firdausi: bwahahaha ngecilin isi dompet! iya sih bikin dompet kurus abis tp emang bagus maskernya gimana dong xO

  4. Baguss maskernyaa... pori2ku butuh nih.. hihi
    pgn coba tapi harganyaa tuh.. hihihi
    Thanks for sharing

  5. wow it looks nice!! *O*
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  7. the mask looks interesting to try! thanks for the review!

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  8. Looks like they did an amazing job on your skin. I'd love to try these!

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  9. Thanks for your review, very helpful since you do a side by side comparison :)
    Kalo untuk komedo, lebih potent yang mana ya? I have Youthmud dan in my opinion bisa ngilangin komedo for 2-3 days saja.