I dyed half of my hair red! I actually wanted pastel pink but it's hard to find pastel pink hair dye here in my country so I went for red thinking that once the color fade it will look pink hehehe :p 
Anyway I dyed my hair about a week ago. Wanted to post it here since last week but my internet connection sucks. I can't upload photos using my laptop so here I am making this post trough blogger app for android. Let's just hope my mobile phone's service provider doesn't fail on me. *crossing fingers*

-- Well at the very end I still need my laptop to post this blog post. The blogger app on my phone says that it can't find some of the photos so I can't publish the post. Oh well. Thank God my internet provider is getting a lil bit better. Not running at the usual speed, though. Still way slower but it's better than nothing :p 
Anyway, the girl beside me is Octavianny, one of my best friends since high school :D -- 




  1. Cool! Well, if you were looking for pastel pink, maybe CK from http://www.hippiegonemad.com/ knows where to get good dyes in Indo...