Tuesday, 24 September 2013


From zero for being perfect and ninety nine for being poor, I got 3 which I think is really nice! It's almost perfect yayyyy 
You can try the color test here and don't forget to comeback to this post and let me know your score :D 

Monday, 23 September 2013


This post has been sitting alone here in my draft section for quiet a long time and I wasn't sure if I'm going to post it or not. But since I've already took the photos so I decided to post it although it's already September and this was a July box. 
I really like the color of the box. It's a very pretty blue shade. This is my favorite box color from all of the boxes I have. The size is smaller than other Beauty Treats boxes but I think it's ok because the content wasn't super loaded. 

The products that I got: 
- Caring Colours BB Cream. Not too exciting. I have them from May box already. 
- Maybelline Color Sensational in Windsor Rose. I love lipsticks so this one kinda excites me. The shade is not something I use daily but it's nice red. But I like the texture of the lipstick. I guess I'll try to buy this lipstick in another color. 
- Nivea UV Extra Whitening Body Lotion. This one is niceee. I used it frequently and it's empty now hehe. The scent reminds me of apple which I like, so I guess I'll buy this lotion someday after I finish my other 5 lotions.
- Bath and Body Works pocketbac in Island Nectar. I don't really like the scent so I give it away to my sister
- Shobi Eyebrow Pencil. I was excited to try this but I got the gray one and my hair leans more brown than black so I can't really use it. I have never tried any brow pencils so this one satisfies me because at least I'm not curious anymore.

This box is definitely better than the box before (June box, which I don't post because I was angry. Read my rant here). But I don't have any plan to buy more beauty boxes because I personally don't feel like I'm really happy with the products that beauty boxes offer. Maybe I'll start again when I see improvement from beauty box companies. 

Until next post, ciao~


I dyed half of my hair red! I actually wanted pastel pink but it's hard to find pastel pink hair dye here in my country so I went for red thinking that once the color fade it will look pink hehehe :p 
Anyway I dyed my hair about a week ago. Wanted to post it here since last week but my internet connection sucks. I can't upload photos using my laptop so here I am making this post trough blogger app for android. Let's just hope my mobile phone's service provider doesn't fail on me. *crossing fingers*

-- Well at the very end I still need my laptop to post this blog post. The blogger app on my phone says that it can't find some of the photos so I can't publish the post. Oh well. Thank God my internet provider is getting a lil bit better. Not running at the usual speed, though. Still way slower but it's better than nothing :p 
Anyway, the girl beside me is Octavianny, one of my best friends since high school :D -- 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I was browsing asos.com earlier this day and found this super adorable Primark dress on sale section only for $16.88. As most of you might already know, asos offers free shipping worldwide so it means that the dress will only cost me $16.88 to be mine. I really like the pattern and the style, I checked my size and it was available, it's all perfect until I saw this one sentence. Ships to - UK Only. I don't live in the UK. OH GOD WHYYYYYYY T______T