Hello everyoneeee! I went to Zara sale a few weeks ago and tried some things so I wanna post some of the things I've tried :D 

I like this dress but I didn't buy it because I have no idea where should I use this dress. One thing that I don't really like about this dress is the top part. It's sheer so I'll need to use something like bandeau underneath. Doesn't mean that I hate it though. And another thing that makes me didn't buy it is because it feels kinda formal.. Feels like bride's dress for casual beach wedding. Hahaha. But it's pretty! 

Denim shirt! I bought this one. Actually this one is still pricey for me. The shirt was about US$43 but I've been looking for a denim shirt that can be used every time I have no idea what to wear so I buy it hehe. The material feels super soft and slouchy. I hope this shirt holds really well so I can wear it for years.

I kinda like this sweater because it has short sleeves. I rarely see short-sleeved sweater so it's a plus for me. The material feels nice and thick. I didn't buy it because it's too short for my taste. I think my hips are quiet big so I like my tops to be a bit long so it'll cover my hips slightly. If it's a bit longer I'd buy it! 

This sweater was too big for me. Hahaha. I guess I took the wrong size. I usually use size M in Zara clothes, so I tried this sweater in size M. But I guess this sweater runs very big. I should use size S I think. And because I was too lazy to get out and find one in size S, I decided not to buy this. Now looking at the photo, I think the sweater looks good! And the material was nice too. It was not too thick but it's not thin either. Next time I go to Zara I'll definitely look for this sweater in smaller size so I can decide if I really the way it looks or not. 

Now this one is an OOTD aka outfit of the day. I forgot to take the bag with me but whatever lol. I was wearing Mango tank, Forever21 blazer, unbranded jeggings, New Look boots. 

See you on my next post! xx



  1. Love the denim shirt on you. The dress is cool but i would have had the same problem. Not like we're living in victorian times & off to a ball
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  2. Good