It's that time of the year again. It's when (almost) every shop I know are on sale and I feel like I'm scraping every penny I have to buy everything. Thank God I still have a bit (not much but it's better than nothing :p) of self-control when it comes to shopping. But more sales come to tempt me! This time it's Niluh Djelantik annual sale. 

Niluh Djelantik (I'll truncate it to ND after this line) is Bali-based company that sells shoes and some of leather bits and bobs like bags and phone pouches. ND is also the name of the woman behind the brand. Although ND sells bags and pouches too but she's more known for the shoes. I really like her shoes. Many pretty heels and cute flats. 

Her shoes are quiet pricey for me so I eagerly wait for the annual sale. And finally it's on! The shoes are marked down up to 70% off. After sale prices are still a bit too high for me :( but I think I'm gonna find a bit fund to buy a pair or two. :D

Here are my picks for this time's sale. I really recommend Sasha ballet flats. They're the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. 

Photos are courtesy of Niluh Djelantik



  1. aku wis kapok.. sakit sepatunya lama2 di kaki :(
    tp flatsnya dipake banget sih sampai penghabisan hehehe.. tp tetep lebih murah dulu yah waktu heboh di fd..

  2. @Andita Budhi Utami: indeed.

    @seLy: aku pake Lana 138 sih engga sakit, pegel aja. kl heels yg lain aku ga tau nih >< cakep tp mahalll. iya ni diskon yg ini kurang nendang ya. padahal pengen sasha lagi..

  3. lumayan juga yaaa, suka tabita atau gak sandra :)