Saturday, 9 November 2013


I don't have too much experience with Victoria's Secrets items so I'm very excited when my mom came home with this Victoria's Secret Love Spell Ultra Moisturizing Hand And Body Cream. She didn't buy it, a friend of her gave it so I have no idea how much this costs. I got it in Collector's Edition packaging. I don't know whether Indonesia's counters have this kind of packaging or not. I like that it comes in a tube so the product will always be close to the cap and that makes it easier to get the product out, especially because the cream is kinda thick.

It says that it smells like cherry blossom, peach, and white jasmine. But I think it smells like jasmine and fake orange with very slight bubble gum scent. Orange like the mosquito killer spray with orange scent. I can't really detect peach or cherry blossom. Personally I don't like the scent. 

The cream is quiet thick so you don't need much to moisturize your body. The tube contains 200ml of product so it will take a while to finish one tube. The cream sinks to the skin quiet fastly considering this is a cream, not a lotion. It's quick but not super quick like you can put your clothes on right away after you use this. It still needs a few minutes but you don't have to wait that long. Oh and because this comes in a cream form, it needs a lil bit more work to spread. This cream moisturizes my normal skin well but I think those of you who have dry skin will also appreciate this cream. 

Repurchase? Nope, I don't think so. I wanna try Victoria's Secrets lotions because I like something lighter than creams. Of course I won't buy anything from the Love Spell series, the scent is just not my cup of tea. 

For you who lives in Jakarta, you can get Victoria's Secret items at Plaza Senayan. 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Etude House x Disney

I don't usually go for Korean makeup but this one is an exception. It's the limited edition Etude House x Disney with Minnie Mouse as the star!! 
I bought the lipsticks and the blusher. Haven't tried them yet because i'm afraid of ruining the pretty blusher design hahaha. Will take pics of them this weekend and try them afterwards. :D

Thursday, 10 October 2013


There aren't many indie soap makers here in Indonesia so I'm very excited when I found Skin Junkie. I saw the brand for the first time through Lola box. I saw other's boxes because I don't subscribe to any boxes beside Beauty Treats. 
The packaging of Skin Junkie's products are very eye-catching and cute. They have the Soap&Glory or theBalm feel to them. I wanted to try their products but I wasn't really sure back then. When I visited Market&Museum bazaar a few weeks ago, I found Skin Junkie's booth there! Wah I tried their newly launched lotion and hooked on the scent! Smells really nice! So I bought the body lotion and the matching shower gel. 

The body lotion (Rp 130.000 for 250ml) and shower gel (Rp 50.000 for 250ml) comes in a tall bottle with a push-side-to-open-the-other-side cap. I hope you understand what I mean. See the picture if you don't. I don't know what to call this kind of cap :p 
For the shower gel, the cap doesn't really bother me because I can get the gel easily. But for the lotion, I find it hard to get the lotion out because obviously the lotion is thicker than the shower gel. So I need to shake the bottle up side down a few times to get the lotion to the cap and squeeze the bottle to get the lotion out. But if you're travelling, this kind of cap is really nice because it won't open easily. The smaller size lotion comes in a bottle with a pump. Maybe I should buy that one because I don't travel too much. 

Now onto the products! 
The shower gel's consistency is average. I compared Skin Junkie's shower gel to Bath and Body Works' shower gel because that's the only shower gel I have right now in my bathroom. I can say the consistency is pretty much the same. Skin Junkie's website said that I Moist You shower gel suppose to smell like rose and tea. I can't smell the rose (I smell something fruity instead) but I can smell the tea. I really like the scent but as a shower gel, this one is not good enough for me. I feel the scent doesn't linger on my body after I wash it, it doesn't make my bathroom smell nice too. More over, it doesn't lather much compared to my other liquid soaps. I like my shower gel or shower cream to have lots of bubbles. And since I Moist You doesn't lather much, I use it more than I usually use shower gels. So it runs out pretty quickly. It says that it has vitamin E and suppose to make your skin moist but since I don't have dry skin so I can't really say that I can feel the moistness. But it doesn't make my skin feel tight, so I guess that's a nice thing. 

Carrousel body lotion has the same scent with the shower gel, which I LOVE. The scent of this lotion stays for 2-3 hours on me. Again, I can't say much about the moisturizing part but I think it's enough for you who have normal skin. It doesn't sink right away after I spread it but it's not sticky. What I usually do after applying the lotion is do my makeup and then use my clothes. My makeup routine doesn't take too much time since I only do simple makeup daily. In about 5 minutes the lotion is already fully absorbed to my skin. 

Repurchase? I'm thinking of repurchasing the lotion but not the shower gel. But if Skin Junkie reformulated the shower gel, I'd buy it! 
What I love the most? The scent! I think the scent is different with anything in my collection. It's fruity but not too girly, I guess the tea makes it that way. I love love love the scent. Skin Junkie please make eau de parfum with this scent! I'd love to have one :D 

You can buy Skin Junkie through their webstore (but it's under maintenance now) or you can follow Skin Junkie's instagram to be informed where they will be available next time. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


From zero for being perfect and ninety nine for being poor, I got 3 which I think is really nice! It's almost perfect yayyyy 
You can try the color test here and don't forget to comeback to this post and let me know your score :D 

Monday, 23 September 2013


This post has been sitting alone here in my draft section for quiet a long time and I wasn't sure if I'm going to post it or not. But since I've already took the photos so I decided to post it although it's already September and this was a July box. 
I really like the color of the box. It's a very pretty blue shade. This is my favorite box color from all of the boxes I have. The size is smaller than other Beauty Treats boxes but I think it's ok because the content wasn't super loaded. 

The products that I got: 
- Caring Colours BB Cream. Not too exciting. I have them from May box already. 
- Maybelline Color Sensational in Windsor Rose. I love lipsticks so this one kinda excites me. The shade is not something I use daily but it's nice red. But I like the texture of the lipstick. I guess I'll try to buy this lipstick in another color. 
- Nivea UV Extra Whitening Body Lotion. This one is niceee. I used it frequently and it's empty now hehe. The scent reminds me of apple which I like, so I guess I'll buy this lotion someday after I finish my other 5 lotions.
- Bath and Body Works pocketbac in Island Nectar. I don't really like the scent so I give it away to my sister
- Shobi Eyebrow Pencil. I was excited to try this but I got the gray one and my hair leans more brown than black so I can't really use it. I have never tried any brow pencils so this one satisfies me because at least I'm not curious anymore.

This box is definitely better than the box before (June box, which I don't post because I was angry. Read my rant here). But I don't have any plan to buy more beauty boxes because I personally don't feel like I'm really happy with the products that beauty boxes offer. Maybe I'll start again when I see improvement from beauty box companies. 

Until next post, ciao~


I dyed half of my hair red! I actually wanted pastel pink but it's hard to find pastel pink hair dye here in my country so I went for red thinking that once the color fade it will look pink hehehe :p 
Anyway I dyed my hair about a week ago. Wanted to post it here since last week but my internet connection sucks. I can't upload photos using my laptop so here I am making this post trough blogger app for android. Let's just hope my mobile phone's service provider doesn't fail on me. *crossing fingers*

-- Well at the very end I still need my laptop to post this blog post. The blogger app on my phone says that it can't find some of the photos so I can't publish the post. Oh well. Thank God my internet provider is getting a lil bit better. Not running at the usual speed, though. Still way slower but it's better than nothing :p 
Anyway, the girl beside me is Octavianny, one of my best friends since high school :D -- 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I was browsing earlier this day and found this super adorable Primark dress on sale section only for $16.88. As most of you might already know, asos offers free shipping worldwide so it means that the dress will only cost me $16.88 to be mine. I really like the pattern and the style, I checked my size and it was available, it's all perfect until I saw this one sentence. Ships to - UK Only. I don't live in the UK. OH GOD WHYYYYYYY T______T

Monday, 12 August 2013


DAY 1 - July 19th

View from the train's window
Another view.. 
Some flowers at the receptionist desk.. I stayed at Grand Tryas Hotel, by the way.
The bed! Sleep!

Should take a photo before the sun sets. 
Looking for batik clothes.. 
Tourist kinda photo. In front of Keraton Kasepuhan, Cirebon.

I love crystals!

Empal gentong

DAY 2 - July 20th

Hotel's breakfast. Chicken porridge. VERY DELICIOUS!

Hi doggyyy!

I don't know how old this Fanta and I don't wanna know

DAY 3 - July 21st

In front of our little cottage. It's Hotel Duta Wisata Guci. Very humid at night time. I don't really like it. 
The view from me and my sister's room in the cottage

They say it's rujak but it's more interesting than rujaks I've tasted before.

Nasi Lengko. I really like this nyuuuum :9 This was my last meal before we head back to Jakarta. This restaurant called Warung Makan Pian, located very near to Tegal's train station.