Wednesday, 20 June 2012


the shoes look effin gross, yes? sorry for that :p 
these were my go to shoes. i got them from Pull and Bear. at first, i didn't like the shoes because the front part was uncomfortable. but after a few wears, they're like the most comfy shoes in the world. i wear them like (almost) everyday for about 3 years. 
but a few months ago they got wet and i didn't dry them because i was too lazy. and you know what. when they're dry, the inside part was like cracked. definitely can't wear them anymore because they will scrub my feet as i walk. i think they've served their purpose so i let them 'die'. rest in peace, my dear shoes. 
anyway my go to shoes now are the topshop studded slippers. ;)

Sunday, 10 June 2012


I changed my blackberry silicone case to match my nails! I really like the colour of this nail polish, looks like margarine. ehehehe. It's Etude nail polish, by the way.
I need to buy shocking pink nail polish to match my other blackberry case~