Thursday, 3 May 2012


June+Julia x Michelle Koesnadi. Photo courtesy of June+Julia. Taken from here.

June+Julia x Sonia Eryka. Photo courtesy of Sonia Eryka. Taken from here.

June+Julia x Anastasia Siantar. Photo courtesy of Anastasia Siantar. Taken from here.

June+Julia x Elle&Jess. Photo courtesy of June+Julia. Taken from here.

June+Julia x Veren Lee. Photo courtesy of June+Julia. Taken from here

June+Julia x June Paski. Photo courtesy of June+Julia. Taken from here.

So one of my favourite shoe maker, June+Julia, has a collaboration with some awesome Indonesian bloggers. They said that there are 6 bloggers with 5 designs i think. because the next preview will be Elissa and Jessica Yamada's (counts as 2 bloggers, yes?). i'm really looking forward for this collection. i'm sooo curious how the other shoes will look like. i feel like these shoes really represents each blogger's style. Michelle Koesnadi with her glamour style, Sonia Eryka with her riotous rebel style, and Anastasia Siantar with her edgy style. 
i'll update this post if there are any updates. :) 
oh the shoes will be limited edition and available May 11th.

*[May 11th] update: so there it is, June+Julia x Elle&Jess. i don't know why but i think the shoes are 'more' Jess-ish. maybe because Elle uses boots more often? idk hahaha. 
oh the last blogger collaborating with June+Julia is the cute Veren Lee. can't wait! :D

*[May 11th] another update: June+Julia uploaded June+Julia x Veren Lee! the cute red wedges with bow. very sweet, yes? Very Veren, don't you think? :) 
by the way i asked them about the bloggers. they said they count Elle&Jess as one blogger. so yes, there will be 6 designs! and the last blogger is the amazing June Paski herself. she's one of the owner of June+Julia, in case you don't know ;)

*[May 12th] more update: it's a wrap! June+Julia x June Paski is the only flats they have in this collection. very androgynous, really represents June i must say. so tell me, which one you like the most?