Monday, 30 April 2012


Photo courtesy of Catherine Soepadhi. Taken from here.

can't wait until they arrive!! i guess they'll come tomorrow. i'm like super exited right now!! don't you think they're like super cool?! i bought them from Indonesia Fashion Week's blogger darling, Catherine Soepadhi. oh and thank you for the special price, Cath! i hope they fit me perfectly :D eh by the way you all can visit her online shop, ABOCS, she has very bold and different (in a very good way) collections. neons, flowers, studs, denims <3


meet my most comfortable shoes! they are Niluh Djelantik's flats, the model itself called Sasha Ballet Flats. so i know this brand a long long time ago but never put too much attention because as one of Indonesia's high end brand, their price is not in my wallet range. until i saw the thread for Niluh Djelantik at Female Daily Forum and some members posted their beautiful shoes. i was like, OMGOMG i want some of them!! a few months later, Niluh Djelantik threw a sale! it's really hard to order, you know, since there were so many emails that Niluh herself received. i sent a lot of email. hahaha. not only to Niluh's email but to some of her employees too. :p so much emails until i thought that this model has already out of stock.
one day someone posted on the forum that there's Sasha flats in black suede, size 39 on one of Niluh's employee!! that's my size!! i don't even care what kind of leather used, as long as it's Sasha, i don't mind. i immediately added her blackberry pin and booked them! hahaha.. 
so i got these flats on sale, i think it's about 60-70% discount. i forgot how much i paid for them, i think about US$40. their retail price is around $100. what a bargain. :))
the shoes are made from high quality suede and have some cute tassels on the front. they're not lined with anything hard, so you can feel the super soft suede right to your skin. i never get any blisters wearing these shoes. :D i wore them almost everyday until i'm afraid i'll ruin them. hahaha
if there's a sale again and Sasha ballet flats are available, i'll definitely buy more! totally recommended!

Monday, 2 April 2012


Antyk Butyk necklace from KAYAD collection

Kidada for Disney Beauty and the Beast rose charm

Pocky Panda!

Niluh Djelantik's Lana 138 in tan leopard

Tinkerline's elephant ring

It's the companion that makes a meal. Tin Pan Alley.

After the rain


Bitch, I'm Fabulous

Vintage fatty bunny doll

got my new digital camera about a month ago and tried to shoot everything, hahaha.. 
by the way, i'm bored. have to finish my thesis but i'm too lazy to touch anything thesis-related. :p 
anyway, it's already april! time does fly, doesn't it? have a great day everyone~