Sunday, 25 March 2012


bought these mainly because they were on sale hahaha..
the other reason was because i want a pair of black flats that can be used whenever i'm too lazy to choose shoes. black shoes are very versatile so there's no reason to not buy them, right? *finding excuses*
actually Aldo's size is confusing. for me, size 38 fits but a bit too small so it kinda hurts, size 39 is more comfy but too big and not flattering. i bought size 38 for this pair, hoping that i could break them. i tried a few times to walk in them with thick socks, but they stay in shape. urgh, if my feet can scream i think they'll scream hahaha. i tried to stretch with freezing them, it doesn't work either. sigh, i think i'll bring them to the professionals later. let's just hope that they can be stretched..

ps: why i choose size 38? because they look better than size 39. it looks good, so i take it. beauty is pain, no? :p

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


a few months ago i saw similar shoes like this one at Topshop. exact model as this one, the only difference was they were made from suede-like material. i thought that i'll wait until Topshop discounted them then i'll buy them. turns out that a lot of people like the shoes and they were sold out in no time. i was like, aaaaah, too bad!!
and then a few weeks ago i saw this one at Topshop again! this one was made from fake leather instead of suede. oh well, i bought them without waiting for any discounts anymore because i know that they will disappear quickly. when i bought them, the cashier asked me to 'like' Topshop Indonesia's facebook to get 10% discount! yay! so i got them with 10% discount when i didn't expect for any discounts. hehe. happy!!
eh by the way this pair is my fave shoes of the moment. :D

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Unbranded yellow dress, Zara cardigan, Oroton bag, Unbranded tights, Topshop studded slippers

Went to Tin Pan Alley at Thamrin Nine Podium because my friend bought a discount voucher for 2 main dishes here. I ordered old fashioned mac and cheese. I like the ambience. Definitely coming back!

Friday, 2 March 2012


no, this is not sponsored post. hahaha. this was one of the photos that i submitted to join GOWIGASA giveaway a few weeks (or months?) ago.. unfortunately i didn't win but it's okay. i had fun taking the pictures hehe.. by the way, GOWIGASA is one of my favourite online shop. you should check them! they ship internationally too :)
look at that Hello Kitty glasses, aren't they the cutest?

oh by the way, you should listen JRA's By Chance (You and I)! amazing voice, lovely yet funny lyrics.
Are you tired 'cause you've been on my mind
runnin' thousand and thousands of miles
Sorry, I know that line's outta style
i cracked at those lines. sounds very cheesy but funny hahaha :D