I bought some scented candles! Yeay~ hahaha 
I like scented candles. They make your room smells nice altough it's kinda dangerous. I mean you need to use fire and fire is not the safest material to play with but I still like scented candles. Hehe. 
I bought Bath and Body Works' candles once but it's kinda pricey because they are not available in my country so I need to buy from resellers. The price on the resellers for mini candles are about US$6-US$7 while originally they were US$3 each. :( I wanna go to the US to buy loads of Bath and Body Works' things!! Hahaha. Seriously. ;) 
Oh well anyway, these are the candles I bought. They're from the brand called Candle-lite and about US$4 each and they're bigger than BBW's mini candle. I bought Creamy Vanilla Swirl, Juicy Black Cherries, and Fresh Melon Slice. 

Creamy Vanilla Swirl 

I actually don't really like vanilla scents (I like vanilla in breads and cakes, though) because it's often very powerfull and makes me feel sticky. But this one doesn't smell super strong on the jar. It's kinda sweet and cake-like and yummy. But too bad it doesn't smell like anything once I burn it :( 
I don't know why, maybe my room smells like vanilla already? Which I doubt, because my room doesn't smell like vanilla at all. 

Juicy Black Cherries 

I don't like cherry so I don't eat cherry and I don't know how cherry smells. When I saw this, I was like 'ah ya whatever I don't like cherry I won't buy them' but when I smell it, I feel familiar with the scent. It's fruity and fresh. A few hours later, I realized that it smells like grape lol. I don't know if there's something wrong with my nose or it DOES smells like grape. :p 
This candle has the strongest scent of all three. 

Fresh Melon Slice 

I LOVE MELON. So when I saw this, I immediately smell them and I like it! It smells like melon. Hahaha. The scent wasn't as strong as the Black Cherry one but I still can smell it. I'm thinking of buying this one in bigger size hehe. 

FYI, I burn these candles and let it sit about 30cm away from me so I think these candles in this size are only good for small (or tiny) space. 



  1. mamiii... itu bisa tahan berapa lama sih? pernah u bakar ampe abis ga?

  2. tergantung berapa lama bakarnya.. yg ini belom abis nih, baru soalnya. yg bath and body works gw bakar sampe abis. lumayan lama kok. tp ga tau berapa jamnya hehe