bought these mainly because they were on sale hahaha..
the other reason was because i want a pair of black flats that can be used whenever i'm too lazy to choose shoes. black shoes are very versatile so there's no reason to not buy them, right? *finding excuses*
actually Aldo's size is confusing. for me, size 38 fits but a bit too small so it kinda hurts, size 39 is more comfy but too big and not flattering. i bought size 38 for this pair, hoping that i could break them. i tried a few times to walk in them with thick socks, but they stay in shape. urgh, if my feet can scream i think they'll scream hahaha. i tried to stretch with freezing them, it doesn't work either. sigh, i think i'll bring them to the professionals later. let's just hope that they can be stretched..

ps: why i choose size 38? because they look better than size 39. it looks good, so i take it. beauty is pain, no? :p