Saturday, 8 December 2012



I always love turtlenecks. So when I saw this dress from Poise24, I feel like I need to have it, especially after I saw Silvia Siantar's post wearing the dress. The dress looks really stunning on her so I decided to grab one too. 
I wore the dress as a top because I think the dress is too short for me and I do realize that I don't have long lean legs. Hahaha. I used my vintage pleated skirt to cover my bottom half and paired it with oversized blazer. You know, I like the dress super much, I'm thinking to buy another 2 colours. 

Details: Vintage oversized blazer, vintage belt, vintage skirt, Longchamp LM bag, Poise24 dipped hem dress (worn as a top)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012



I got this idea from my dear friend, Marcella. So I'm going to blog my top 5 things on 20 categories, which are: 

Of course I copied Cella's categories! Hahaha I'm too lazy to think 20 categories by myself :p *edited: I changed some of the categories because those were things I have no idea about. I mean, top 5 poems? I don't even know one! Hahaha*
I'll try to do this everyday but I can't promise because I'm lazy. I'll start the first one today so the last one will be on the Christmas eve! You can do this too if you want to. Come on, it's going to be fun. :D

PS: if you decided to do this challenge, please let me know so I can check your post! ;)

Monday, 3 December 2012


I bought some scented candles! Yeay~ hahaha 
I like scented candles. They make your room smells nice altough it's kinda dangerous. I mean you need to use fire and fire is not the safest material to play with but I still like scented candles. Hehe. 
I bought Bath and Body Works' candles once but it's kinda pricey because they are not available in my country so I need to buy from resellers. The price on the resellers for mini candles are about US$6-US$7 while originally they were US$3 each. :( I wanna go to the US to buy loads of Bath and Body Works' things!! Hahaha. Seriously. ;) 
Oh well anyway, these are the candles I bought. They're from the brand called Candle-lite and about US$4 each and they're bigger than BBW's mini candle. I bought Creamy Vanilla Swirl, Juicy Black Cherries, and Fresh Melon Slice. 

Creamy Vanilla Swirl 

I actually don't really like vanilla scents (I like vanilla in breads and cakes, though) because it's often very powerfull and makes me feel sticky. But this one doesn't smell super strong on the jar. It's kinda sweet and cake-like and yummy. But too bad it doesn't smell like anything once I burn it :( 
I don't know why, maybe my room smells like vanilla already? Which I doubt, because my room doesn't smell like vanilla at all. 

Juicy Black Cherries 

I don't like cherry so I don't eat cherry and I don't know how cherry smells. When I saw this, I was like 'ah ya whatever I don't like cherry I won't buy them' but when I smell it, I feel familiar with the scent. It's fruity and fresh. A few hours later, I realized that it smells like grape lol. I don't know if there's something wrong with my nose or it DOES smells like grape. :p 
This candle has the strongest scent of all three. 

Fresh Melon Slice 

I LOVE MELON. So when I saw this, I immediately smell them and I like it! It smells like melon. Hahaha. The scent wasn't as strong as the Black Cherry one but I still can smell it. I'm thinking of buying this one in bigger size hehe. 

FYI, I burn these candles and let it sit about 30cm away from me so I think these candles in this size are only good for small (or tiny) space. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Universitas Multimedia Nusantara's Second Graduation 
24 November 2012 

I believe you can see how happy we were through our smiles. :)

Photos are courtesy of Arnon, Lovebbi, Regina, and Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Friday, 16 November 2012

Disney's Electric Holiday - Starring Minnie Mouse

Have you seen this video? I know there are so many pros and cons out there but I personally like the video. It's Disney's collaboration with Barney's New York to celebrate the holiday season. Some of Disney's classic cartoon characters were transformed into supermodel and wore designer clothes. I like Minnie's Lanvin dress the best. :) 
Beside supermodeled Disney characters, there are some fashion icons that have been cartoonized. The ones I like are Bryan Boy, Lady Gaga, Anna Dello Russo, and Emanuelle Alt. 
So, how about you? Are you against this video or the other way around? Any favourite thing in the video? Let me know! xx

Monday, 5 November 2012


I don't usually give too much attention to bags, but these.. How can someone not attracted to the shape of the bags? The hula hoop bag is totally out of the box. Hands down to Mr Karl Lagerfeld. He is genius. Personally I like the big one because of the colour. Yes I'm a big fan of black and white hehe. 
The big one will be very chic for beach bag (but I doubt I'd put the bag on the sand if I have the bag lol). The mini one looks very pretty for a night out with the girls. I can't wait to see the celebs rocking these bags. 
What do you think about them?

Saturday, 3 November 2012


New rings! Don't you think they're pretty? ;) 
I got them mainly because The Persian Babe on YouTube did an ASOS haul and when she showed these rings, I'm completely hooked up! Hahaha. 
I think these rings are very pretty and edgy at the same time. They could give a hint of edgy-ness to an outfit. I really like them but I haven't got a chance to wear them. Gonna wear them soon! The good thing about these rings is they're adjustable. My fingers are fat not skinny so I have a hard time finding rings with right size. With open back like these, I could easily adjust them so they can fit my fingers. Yay to adjustable rings. :D 
You wanna know the best part? These rings are on sale!! Only the rose gold ones, though. Actually that's why I bought them right away :p Originally I want the gold ones but they aren't on sale so I just go with the rose gold ones hehe.. 


Just a little update of my life. I'm currently working as a (junior) programmer in one of Indonesia's big retail company. I actually don't really like my job because, you know, working as a programmer needs a lot of brain work and I don't like using my brain lol. 
Maybe some of you think, why do you work as a programmer if you don't like it? Well, it's because I studied programming in uni. Which leads to another question, why did you choose to learn programming in uni if you don't like it? Because honestly I didn't know that information technology will be this complicated! I still didn't know what's my passion (even until now) so I took random major for my uni :p hahaha.
But for now I'm quiet happy with my job. I hope someday I'll find my passion and will be able to work in that industry. :) 
Anyway, the photo above was taken a few days ago when I was on the way to the office. I was wearing Gowigasa sunglasses and New Look shirt. I believe the glasses are still available on Gowigasa's website, so if you're interested to have one, you can buy them immediately before they're sold out! 

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Kidnapped Ally t-shirt, Longchamp LM bag

Nikicio NN:02 t-shirt, DIY shorts, Cheap Monday sunglasses (via Urban Outfitters)

About a month ago I went to Bali with my friends. We bought the ticket a year in advance because it was so cheap. It was about +/- US$25 for Jakarta-Bali and Bali-Jakarta tickets! Hahaha bargaiiinnn!
We had a great time there although we didn't visit too many tourist spots. I really like Nusa Dua beach. It was very clean, the sand was white and soft, and the beach wasn't too crowded. Food wise, I really like Ayam Betutu khas Gilimanuk. It was very spicy, delicious, and tender. Even the breast meat was juicy. Nyuuumm.. I want more!
It's been a quiet long time since my last time to Bali and there's one difference that I can really tell, the traffic jam! It's definitely getting worse (just like Jakarta's lol). But nonetheless, I enjoyed my visit. I'll be back, Bali! :)