Sunday, 30 January 2011

a little post

well yeah so this post is just to make sure that my blog is alive. haha.. no photos attached on this post because i'm too lazy to take pics, haha.

yesterday i went to Fashion Blogger Yard Sale on Mazee, fX. the bazaar was packed! i got skinny scarf from Michelle's Charlotte's Closet that i've been eye-ing since she uploaded the photo on facebook and Only I's black blazer with heart-shaped hole on the back. by the way, Michelle looks prettier in real life and Cindy from DIAMONDHURTS looks really stylish! the other blogger are fab too. super love! :D

then i went to Plaza Indonesia to eat Sushi Tei. my friends are sushi freak, haha. me? not really. i'm too greedy, i like all kind of food and i can't decide which food is my fave. :p
i bought Venus Maxi Dress from Cotton Ink at The Goods Dept too. actually i wanna go there on friday but too bad i was still have a final exam. they have 20% discount for BNI Credit Card holder on friday! :( but yeah, it's still okay. the maxi dress is really cool! it makes me look slimmer, hehe.. and somehow it's hard for me to find the perfect maxi dress because usually they're too short for me. but Cotton Ink's maxi got the perfect length!

it's been a while since the last time i bought stuffs on the spot, i do online shopping these past days. the feel is different! i don't know about you all but i feel happier shopping on the spot. haha..

i went there with Inez, Agus, Octa, and Vani (my not-so-lil sis). it's been a while since last time i hang out with the team, it's fun!

Monday, 3 January 2011

cake from a pan

Jim is really cool and creative! look at those pancakes, they are so cute, aren't they? and they are much much cuter than the ordinary circle pancake. looking at his creations makes me wanna make some cute pancakes! :D

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Another Hello Kitty Post

haha i've been so into Hello Kitty these days. ;)
sooo this one is about Hello Kitty airplane! Eva Air from Taiwan made this Hello Kitty heaven! me super waaaaaant!! *super excited*

by the way, happy new year! :D