peanut butter

i found this video when i'm looking for scarf ideas on youtube, i just knew that you can remove sticky residue from your shoes using peanut butter! it's amazing, i think. only recommended for polished sole, though. after i watched the video i googled about that and tadaaaa, you can use anything greasy, not only peanut butter. you can use ordinary butter (which i don't recommend since it's quiet pricey), margarine, eucalyptus oil, or even the usual cooking oil. i think this is interesting, haha. i love finding new easy and applicable tips and tricks. :D



  1. wow interesting post!!!! thanx for sharing!

    xoxo jenna
    The Petite Blogger

  2. this is really interesting ! i know that peanut butter can help remove gum if stuck from your hair as well..

  3. thats a really good idea!! great blog :D


  4. hi dear, nice blog you have

    anyway, di blogku ada giveaway OPI dengan total hadiah lebih dari satu juta loh! ikutan yah ^_^ thanks