Being Lazy

nope, i'm not dead. haha. i'm just too lazy and feel like there's nothing to share so i don't write anything here. hehe.. i can't sleep now and i was blog-walking so i think i'm gonna write something here. :)
just little updates about current life. actually i'm in my uni holiday, a two-months holiday. but i'm doing my internship (i need to do an internship to graduate from uni). and because i'm doing it now (it's been one and a half month, 2 more weeks to go!), it means that next semester will be (hopefully) my last semester in undergraduate program. the only thing that i'm really afraid of is the thesis. sigh. i don't understand why undergraduate program in Indonesia requires thesis. i have no idea what my thesis will be, i even don't have any idea about the topic. haaaaaah. well let's just hope for the best. :p
oh by the way, i just made a food blog a few weeks ago. i don't write much about the food but i hope it helps. :D please click HERE to visit (of course i don't insist you to click, just click if you want to) oh i almost forgot, it's written in english and indonesian. just some random ramblings actually. hehe.
well i don't know what to say more. thanks for reading. *actually i don't think there's anyone who reads this post since there are too many words and it's all about my boring life. hahaha.*
see you on the next post. hopefully not a boring one. :D




  1. welcome back to blog-sphere :D
    good luck for your internship and don't worry bout the thesis, you can do it (:
    have a great day!


  2. hope you have a great time !and good luck for the internship! :)

  3. have an interesting blog!! mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then ;)