dress up or dress down?

@glister_blister's tweet (RT-ed from @beckyregina) makes me think a bit. when we dress down, i cannot deny that i'll feel inferior or too common and not comfortable with this too-common-feeling (i don't know about others but i feel this way). when we dress up, there's ALWAYS some people who keep looking at us from top to bottom and up again like we're using something weird or not proper. but hey, be positive, maybe they keep looking at us because we're giving them inspiration or maybe they just envy us (over-confident detected. :p)

well, i think that it's really depends on us after all! if you wanna dress up, then do! i mean you can't make all people happy, isn't it? it's their right to keep looking at us, but it is our right too, to ignore them. in my opinion, it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. but in my case, there are times that i don't feel like i wanna dress up but i don't wanna look ordinary. you know, i'm a super lazy girl soooo i take things that i've used before. yeah, i can use the same outfit (with exactly same pieces) over and over again. hahaha.

and i think the conclusion of my ramblings are just wear what you want to, what makes you feel comfortable, life is the runway, right? don't need to over think what people will say. but of course do not forget the occasion. :)



  1. agree! (Y)
    do what makes u comfortable...
    hi Vina!
    nice post :)
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  2. Great post! You precisely nailed my problem when it comes to outfits!! I like dressing up, but I always wonder whether it's "too much". But when I dress down, I feel even worse because it looks so plain. TT^TT

    (And yup, I wear some outfits over and over again as well, hahahaha.)

    I'm so glad there are people who post such ramblings. It's honestly encouraging and inspiring (no exaggeration here)